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2 min.
Developmental Psychology
Dec 1 2022
Loneliness and Our Unique Story between heaven and hell

Every story of loneliness is unique and the way you experience loneliness can be different from somebody else.
I took this photograph while I was traveling by train and loved it so much. It strangely reminds me of loneliness. It is strange because it awak…

Sevda Çelik
3 min.
Developmental Psychology
Oct 31 2021
Everyday Mental Toughness — Part 2: Commitment

This is the second of four short articles concentrating on how to develop each of the four Mental Toughness “sub-components”

I work with model developed by Professor Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk.

In their model the four sub-components are:


Bob Larcher
7 min.
Developmental Psychology
Sep 6 2021
Benefits of waking up before sunrise.

Let me just clarify that waking up at 4 AM every single day for the rest of your life is impossible. You´d have to be an extreme control freak and utter discipline machine to actually get this done, which might turn into something counterproductive in the…

Paco Chávez
3 min.
Developmental Psychology
Apr 29 2021
Special needs children: Tips for managing better

Children with Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Neurological disorders, Sensory impairment, Learning disabilities and Cerebral Palsy need extra attention; care and therapies which help them become independent and responsible adults.

Many such children are ver…

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd
3 min.
Developmental Psychology
Apr 16 2021
What is Conscious Conception?

What is conscious conception?

Conscious Conception is a holistic path of preparing your body, mind and spirit, lifestyle, home and relations for the miracles of pregnancy and childbirth, along with the responsibilities of parenting and householding. A co…

Demi Powell
3 min.
Developmental Psychology
Mar 31 2021
10 Tips to Make Your Kids Stop Fighting

It’s normal and even healthy for siblings to fight, but it’s also important for them to be able to resolve their conflicts. There are many simple things that parents can do to help their kids stop fighting with each other and even teach them to solve prob…

Demi Powell
3 min.
Developmental Psychology
Mar 4 2021
Compassion Fatigue - Parenting Children with Special Needs

I want to share a story about a hammock. When I would dream of vacations by the sea (I lived far from a warm beach at the time) my vision always included a hammock and maybe a beverage with a little umbrella too. As a busy mom of children on the autism sp…

Heathir Brown
2 min.
Developmental Psychology
Feb 11 2021
Tips to Improve Your Child’s Learning Skills

A lot of curious parents or parents with kids who face troubles in school often want to know- ‘Is there a way to make the kid learn faster?’ or ‘Is there something that we can do to boost their IQ?’

So,in today’s blog we will explain certain things that …

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd

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