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Art Therapy
Awah Aweh Richard
See the World Clearly with Magnifying Glasses: Your Secret Superpower for Reading and Exploring!
See the World Clearly with Magnifying Glasses: Your Secret Superpower for Reading and Exploring! Discover How Magnifying Glasses Can Help Older Adults Overcome Vision Challenges and Unleash Their Inner Superheroes! Calling all superheroes! Are you ready…
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Art Therapy
You need to go to therapy!
You are sad, although you have a lot of reasons to be rather happy. You get angry about everything. People (who seem) happy blow your mind. You no longer enjoy a cake or a movie. You want to cry, but you can’t. Or maybe you enjoy it, but it passes quickl…
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Art Therapy
Greg Audino
How Can I Conjure Up Creativity?
Q: One of the worst things I struggle with as an artist is creative slumps. Like any artist, without rhyme or reason, I will go through phases where my juices just aren’t flowing and new ideas are impossible to come by. There’s no inspiration even if my m…
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Art Therapy
Demi Powell
Four Ways To Invest In Your Mental Health During Lockdown
The novel virus not only has caused most organisations to close their doors and many of us to stay indoors, but also has led to high levels of stress and anxiety. While such restrictions are essential to reducing the spread of the virus, its pervasive im…
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Art Therapy
Toni Underwood
Defining Art Therapy in the 21st Century
In my previous post, I talked about the relatively recent “marriage” between art therapy and counseling and its impact of the development of art therapy as a profession. Historically, the field has promoted two roads as its primary conceptual pathways in …
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Art Therapy
Toni Underwood
How Art Changes Consciousness
With so much talk about the evidence of the positive effects of yoga and meditation, you might be surprised at what scientific research also says about how art effects the brain. Long before modern neuroscience, artists were creating works to inspire peo…
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Art Therapy
Toni Underwood
Art therapy helps with neurodegenerative disorders
The more relaxed a person is, the better he’s able to function. That seems simple enough. Tension has a way of locking people up, making it hard for them to focus and communicate. But for people living with a neurodegenerative disorder, such as Huntingto…
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