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Jun 1 2023
The Law Of Impermanence

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ― Alan Wilson Watts

Through our days we tend to hold onto the idea that we are stuck on the same path for the rest of our waking lives. But fear not, as we…

Mikhail Brant
Ancestral Healing
May 31 2023
Witnesses of the visitor

Once upon a time in a small village nestled among sprawling forests, there lived a man whose spirit burned bright with an insatiable thirst for life’s experiences. His name was Mhambi, a rugged soul with weathered hands and a heart that yearned for advent…

Bantu Chk
Ancestral Healing
May 31 2023
We are Witnesses, We are Visitors

Once upon a time in a small village nestled among sprawling forests, there lived a man whose spirit burned bright with an insatiable thirst for life’s experiences. His name was Mhambi, a rugged soul with weathered hands and a heart that yearned for advent…

Bantu Chk
May 31 2023
Reflections of a Sinner

Through my time under God’s stewardship, I have come face to face with unsettling patterns of thought, attitude, and conduct. The realization dawns upon me—I am a sinner, and my every duty falls short, weak and imperfect. In God’s presence, my acts strugg…

Bantu Chk
May 31 2023
"The Evolution of Fitness: Embracing Holistic Approaches to Wellbeing"


A. Definition of fitness and wellbeing

Fitness can be defined as the overall state of physical health and the ability to perform daily activities with vigor and energy. It encompasses various aspects such as cardiovascular endurance, muscu…

Rohit Bhoyar
Emotional Stress Release
May 30 2023
Female Genital Mutilation: Why some women are still forced to live a culture of silence

“The curtains were drawn. She said lie down. Like an obedient child, I lay. My grandmother was holding my hands. An oldish woman pulled down my pants… I started crying. Grandma said don’t worry, it will be over in a jiffy. I shrieked in pain… I experience…

Archana Jha, MS
Aug 3 2022
The Myth of Aging

At almost 77 years young, I’m actually in the best health I have ever experienced. Two years ago I left Florida and headed for the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, U.S.A. I didn’t know anyone except the real estate agent who I met when purchasing a…

Jill Ayn Schneider
Spiritual Healing
Jan 24 2023
A Divine Intervention

When the Intelligent Energy Known as “God” Made its Presence Known

Growing up, my family was highly spiritual, but not religious. Over the years, we would routinely attribute to “God” any event and occurrence that was inexplicable in ordinary terms. Like…

A.C. Byrd
Emotional Freedom Technique
Jan 13 2023
What Are You Looking At?

Image by Dr. Georg Wietschorke from Pixabay

looking at me makes me uncomfortable because I cannot look at myself and when I do it leaves me wondering, what are you looking at?

This seems contradictory to both me and the statement, because I looked at my…

nathan clarke
Spiritual Healing
Jan 12 2023
Believe In The Force Or Not

Spiritual Support and Belief More Important Than Ever

I had a dream last night, seeing myself as a colourful particle of an entire moving picture that covered the planet. An ocean of colours and movements formed by all the peoples of the world and everyt…

Mira Svilenova
Tarot Reading
Aug 1 2022
History of Tarot, Cartomancy and Beyond

Cartomancy is a method of divination that utilizes a deck of cards. While the practice has been popular for hundreds of years, it has seen a recent surge in popularity with a new wave of independently published and mass marketed Tarot decks hitting the ma…

Skye Daae
Jul 15 2022
Seven Julia Cameron Quotes To Brighten Your Day

If you have not yet read The Artist’s Way or any other book by Julia Cameron you really should. I wanted to compile a list of some of her quotes for fun and publish them here. I hope you find the seven I have chosen enlightening, encouraging, helpful in a…

Chester Beard
Yoga Therapy
Jul 15 2022
A Classic Yoga Pose With a Long-List of Benefits

Halasana is a classic yoga pose included in many yogic practices. It stretches your spine as well as tones and stretches your back muscles too. Looking at pictures of the pose you would be able to guess that it would work that area especially. Halasana he…

Chester Beard
Spiritual Healing
Jan 24 2023
A Theory of Everything

**Thoughts, theories, perceptions and observations from “Beyond the Matrix” — a reality that exists outside of space and time. It is a reality that can be accessed through deep meditation and other methods of of expanded consciousness.

The Real Meanin…

A.C. Byrd
Spiritual Healing
Jan 11 2023
Transforming Your Life: How Spirituality and Being Spiritual Can Help Change Your Perspective

Spirituality is a personal and holistic approach to understanding one’s purpose, values, and beliefs in life. It can help to change the way you think about yourself and your life in many ways. For some people, spirituality is rooted in religious or spirit…

Ieva Babiedaite
Spiritual Healing
Jan 24 2023
Theories of the Order of the Universe

There is No Time

Everything everywhere is in constant motion at all times. Distance and time are both energy. From a cosmic perspective, all of human time (e.g., 13+ billion years) is the amount of energy it takes from a thought to go from your mind to y…

A.C. Byrd
Mindfulness meditation
Sep 1 2022
Why am I not happy?

Attitude of Happiness

You are all happy in the morning, holding a freshly brewed cup of coffee and checking the phone for unanswered messages and maybe some social network updates of undesirable and not-so-friendly people in another hand.

Morning is goi…

Vedic Sadhana
Western Astrology
Aug 23 2022
When you think it's not working...

If the Only prayer you ever say in your life is “thank you”, that would suffice: Meister Eckhart

About 18 years ago I had a client—a very beautiful, highly intelligent woman in her early 30s—we can call her Cecilia. She worked in the corporate world, mar…

neo pachisia
Aug 16 2022
5 Signs that You will have Good Marriage

Everyone wants to have a good marriage. Actually, it involves many factors to have a good marriage. One method to know whether we will have good marriage is looking at your hands. Let us check our hands according to the following points to see whether we …

Janet Li
Yoga Therapy
Jul 15 2022
A basic pranayama breath technique,

Bahya is Sanskrit for “outside” or “external”. The name of course comes from the breathing technique itself. You are breathing out and then holding your breath. And that is the basis of Bahya pranayama. A strong breath in and then a stronger breath out is…

Chester Beard
Aug 15 2022
7 signs that you have special talents

There is no reason why he or she will be more charming, and has more observational ability. The one who has the incredible ability will have this kind of hand image.

Popularity Line
This is the diagonal line on the moon mount. It is welcomed by the men,…

Janet Li
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Jul 15 2022
Brahmari Breathing

An ancient yogic breathing technique that can calm your nerves, help with anxiety. And also it will strengthen your throat. Brahmari in Sanskrit means ‘bee’. So as you may have guessed during this practice you will imitate the sound a bee hum or buzzing s…

Chester Beard
Kundalini yoga
Jul 4 2022
Kundalini Guide: What It Is and How to Awaken It Within You

Many are her name. The Inner Woman, the Serpent Power, Kundalini Shakti. Present in many esoteric traditions, Kundalini refers to an energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. It’s been there since birth, and in most of us, it lies dormant. In a way,…

Aline Ra M
Aug 13 2022
5 Signs in Your Palm that You will Toil and Moil

We work hard in our life in order to get the rewards. However, does your effort make the result? This depends on your fate. Some will get rewards without much effort. However, some cannot get the result even though they work hard. Which kind of people wil…

Janet Li
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