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Abnormal Psychology
Archana Ms.
Everything you need to know about 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder'
We have often seen such movies in which the hero suffers from personality disorders. Sometimes he is living a duel personality within a body and sometimes he is self-obsessed with his behavior. Although all this may sound fictional to you, but the reality…
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Abnormal Psychology
Dr Sannjay
Unraveling the Mysteries of Post-Traumatic Amnesia: A Quantum Perspective
Unraveling the Mysteries of Post-Traumatic Amnesia: A Quantum Perspective Introduction: Welcome, fellow explorers of the thoughts and consciousness! Today, we embark on a fascinating journey into the enigmatic realm of put up-traumatic amnesia (PTA). As…
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Abnormal Psychology
Anshu Aabha
Life's Uncertainties: A Comic Exploration of the Roller Coaster Ride
Greetings, fellow Earthlings, on this wild journey called life! You know, it’s funny how we all embark on this adventure with a detailed plan in hand, only to discover that life has its own twisted sense of humor. In this post, we’re going to take a hilar…
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Abnormal Psychology
Understanding Mental Health
What Is Mental Health? Mental health refers to a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It encompasses how individuals think, feel, and behave in various situations. Mental health is crucial at every stage of life, from childhood throug…
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Abnormal Psychology
Shams Ul Qammar
In the field of psychology, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) has long been recognized as a valuable assessment tool for understanding and diagnosing various psychopathologies. Developed in the late 1930s, the MMPI aims to provide a s…
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Abnormal Psychology
Anna Scott
"Behind The Mask"
Suicide v’s My children I sat like a puppet on a string I looked up at the rope The smell of fresh washing in the air and the sun shining through the window so brightly I should have been joyful, but instead I could smell the filth, death calling me, th…
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Abnormal Psychology
Demi Powell
We were mistaken about Depression all along
In the 1970s, a truth was accidentally discovered about depression – one that was quickly swept aside, because its implications were too inconvenient, and too explosive. American psychiatrists had produced a book that would lay out, in detail, all the sym…
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Abnormal Psychology
Demi Powell
What is Abnormal Psychology?
Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychopathology and abnormal behavior, often in a clinical context. The term covers a broad range of disorders, from depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to personality disorders. …
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