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Jul 4, 2020

Further to my article on day twenty six…12. THE LAW OF EMPTY SPACES

Any empty space tends to become filled with something new, which means that everything that leaves our lives our minds will be replaced with something new.

With the exception of the Absolute, everything in the Universe is replaceable, and nothing is indispensable. However, there is never any empty space, everything is always full of something, even if it is innocence.

For this reason, when something is removed from somewhere, very soon that place will once again be full of something new that will replace what was there before. The new things may be the same or similar to the previous ones, or totally different.

Under the Law of Empty Spaces we are always accompanied, never alone; the feeling of loneliness is no more than a mental limitation, because it is impossible to be alone. Attachments, dependencies, the feeling of loneliness or abandonment that many people experience are the result of not recognising or accepting the need to manage Law of empty spaces.

Human beings can learn to be happy, peaceful, helpful, respectful, healthy, abundant, prosperous and adaptable, understanding that with the exception of the spiritual plane, everything else is temporary and therefore completely replaceable.

In addition, we can take advantage of this characteristic to totally renew the way we live and the things we use on a daily basis, such as the body, the mental field and the way of interacting with people and other beings in the Universe, should any of these aspects currently not be satisfactory.

Let us remove from the mind everything that is not satisfactory to makes space for the new. By allowing the thoughts and attitudes of the ego to leave our lives, we are opening up space for the energy of wisdom to enter.

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