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Find Happiness in What You Wear in Winter

Dec 9, 2019
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You do not have to lose fashion in the winter because you are bundled upon in layers for the colder weather. Here are some things that will always look good in the fall and winter months, no matter how much the temperatures drop.

Handmade Hats

If you know how to knit or crochet, it may be a good idea to make a hat that will keep your head nice and warm during the winter. You can design it with whatever color or material you like, which makes them completely customizable and unique. Handmade hats are also a great gift idea for your family or friends, and they can each have their own hat that will not be able to be found or purchased anywhere else. Always wear a hat when you go out in cold weather, to protect your ears and keep heat from leaving your body through your head. You should also make your hat long enough to cover your entire head.

Warm Socks

It is important to keep your feet warm during the winter, as they are one of the main places that heat escapes out of. You can do this by wearing socks whenever you are at home, rather than exposing your feet to the cold temperatures. Your socks do not have to be boring, however. You can buy fuzzy socks that have padding on the soles so that you do not slip and fall, or you can even purchase novelty cotton socks, which have fun designs on them or colorful patterns that are a great gift for yourself or your loved ones. To preserve heat, try to tuck your pajama pants, sweatpants, or leggings into your socks so the warmth does not escape.

Infinity Scarves

Although they may keep your neck toasty, scarves can sometimes be a hassle. However, a good solution to prevent the ends of your scarf from flailing around is to wear an infinity scarf, which you can slip over your head and have it always fashionably looped around your neck. You can let it hang in a classic loop style, or you can tie it in a knot for a more fashionable, close necked manner. You can tie it in a bow or wrap it twice to make it better at keeping you warm and toasty, rather than more loosely for the sole sake of looking good. The possibilities are truly endless.

Colorful Parkas

A great winter staple that has been around for a long time is the parka, which has never gone out of style and evolves every year. A parka with a fur lined hood is essential if you live somewhere where the temperatures regularly drop below zero degrees, as keeping your face warm is needed to keep you from getting frostbite. Find a parka that fits you well but is also made out of a material that ensures you are as warm as possible. A parka is an investment that will be useful for many winters in a row.

Fashionable Boots

Depending on what type of weather conditions you are working with during the fall and winter months, you may need to replace your normal sandals or tennis shoes with a pair of sturdy boots. These serve the dual purpose of helping to protect your feet from impact and accidents, as well as keeping them warm. For example, it is best to wear boots made of a waterproof material if you regularly encounter snow and rain, so that the wetness does not soak through and freeze your feet while you are outside. If you live in a warmer climate but still cannot wear sandals, a simple leather boot or fashionable choice will suffice.

You do not need to rely on boring clothes and shoes to remain warm and toasty in the winter. With these options, you can create outfits that will catch the eyes of everyone, while still remaining perfectly heated.

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