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Burnout Is Not Caused By Doing Too Much, It Is Caused By Being Out Of Alignment

Jan 18, 2021

Yes you read that right…

Burnout is not caused by doing too much, it is caused by being out of alignment.

Today we are going to turn the traditional concept of burnout on its head. Most people think that the reason they are struggling with burnout and feeling mentally and physically exhausted is that they are overdoing it. Working too much, having too many demands in life.

But that is not the case. Today we are going to discuss the REAL cause of being burnout, being out of alignment in life.

Its not a matter of HOW much you are doing, it is a matter of WHAT you are doing.

I am sure you have experienced a time in your life when you felt inspired and excited about what you were doing. You had boundless energy despite working long hours. But at the same time, you have done less inspiring work and it sapped all the energy out of you!

Burnout is something that you can heal yourself. I share my story of how I experienced burnout and how it all shifted for me.

If you have someone who is struggling with burnout, and feeling exhausted, please share this podcast episode with them, it could be the piece of information they need to start healing and start finding alignment!

Yours in health,


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