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Book 12: Chapter 8: In This World Because We Have Choices. We Can Choose To Believe; We Can Choose To Accept…But…

Feb 20, 2022
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In this world because we have choices. We choose to believe; we can choose to accept…But that does not mean the choice we choose is right just because we believe so.

If the story was true, Jesus' birth was foretold: Humanity know who he was, then why did he end up on a cross? Stripped down to almost nothing. Wearing a crown of thorns, bled dry by hanging from his hands and feet with nails. For days he was left out in the blistering sun with nothing to protect his skin. What a horrible way to die—and yet no one think there is anything wrong with this image that they have been praying to and worshiping for thousands of years?

Jesus was not killed by cruel animals; he was not tortured by Demons. He was not conquered by Alien and other worldly foreign forces. Human like you and I, our ancestors, our past incarnations, did this. Then, trying to redeem ourselves in the eyes of “God” and to make, what we believe is amend. Thus, making ourselves feel better for what we have done. We created a better story to paint over the truth and teaches this lies as truth. To make Jesus tragic ending into a positive illusion. How many nameless unknown people have been murdered in such a manner before Jesus came along? How many after him?

If Jesus was not taught and publicized to be the son of God. If his birth was not announced to the “world”; would he not be one of the nameless unknown numbers as well? Would we care to try to redeem ourselves? Would we even try to make an effort—to remember Jesus’ suffering? Obviously not! Since we do not remember any of the others before and after him.

So, who say one of those nameless, faceless, and forgotten victims is not the higher power itself? Did our creator suffered at our hands, thus wanted to make a point by designing the birth and story of Jesus to highlight our nature? Is Jesus this higher power’s test to humanity? What does that say about us? What is the lesson here? Can you see it?

*Do we seriously think, just because we have over glorified Jesus’ death, we can undermine the actual deed and crime we have committed against God?

In this world because we have choices. We choose to believe; we can choose to accept a perceived perspective with “reasonable logic”. Or in other word, if we are convincing enough to fool other to believing in our brilliant excuses. They can help give confirmations to verify any motives, intentions, and actions we have into “rational logic.” After verifications by number of majorities. We can then be “pardoned” because we can choose not to own our mistakes and its consequences. Because we can choose not to pay for our crimes. Thus, we learn nothing from the lessons that was taught us, so when the lesson repeats.

Because we still give the wrong answers. Resulting in a continuous cycle that is hard be break here in this realm. But in the true realm beyond—Our actions and deeds here. Do not get erase and they do not get pardoned. Because in that realm, there is not choices for us to choose—and our believe and perspectives does not measure up to what actually—is. There are no such things as a “reasonable doubt” in a world that can see all and know all.*

We do not need any other gifts, but the gift of brain that we are already given: to see that Jesus was just a man. A man who wants to make a difference and paid for it—in the most horrific way. We do not need to be there to know he must have suffered. Being born into the mortal world, to be a mortal with flesh, blood, and feelings. If the portrait that many swore by and worship before is accurate depiction. Being hung like that must have hurts beyond words because you are slowly being drained of your blood for days. You know you will die and die slowly because the people who does this to you are sadistic and plain sick. To consciously come up with such a method to torture and kill someone shows that there is no heart darker or uglier than humanity.

As Jesus’ physical body was tortured to death; though he understands his mission and the reason behind why the people that he came to help did what they did to him. In the suit of a mortal with flesh and blood and all the elements of its nature. His human spirits must have suffered. Despite all he has done to try to teach higher wisdom, to try to show humanity a lighter path. The majority still choose because they can, to continue the ignorant path they are on.

Crucified and hung up to be bled dry for days, was the choice we choose to repay the kindness of our saviour—our Gods, when they came in respond to our prayers. Choosing to do nothing. Choosing to stand behind our fears, to watch him bled—was also a choice, we chose.

Lots of people SAY we care and make up a lot of excuses to verify the perspective. But when it comes down to it, we are too selfish and cowardly to DO anything about it when it really matters. We complaints but keeps silent the things that must be address. When someone else address our problem; we attack them along with the mop, because we do not want to be left out. We do not want the responsibilities of making the initial effort because we do not want to be single out and fall out of favours.

Thus, instead of resolving the problem, we add to it. Then ignore our contribution to it. Our excuses, “it’s not our place,” “not our business,” “not our problems,” “it does not matter,” “want to keep peace,” “you can not teach an old dog new trick”, “They cannot learn,” “I do not want to be the problem”, and “tried, but no one cares”. Really? Have we really tried, or have only thought we tried so we can continue to make that excuse?

We took the first step (recognizing the problem by complaining about it), but not the second, third or fourth—so how have we tried? We victimize ourselves and say that we are helpless, desperate, and limited—but we are not. Some of us are—“helpless” due to the higher role that destiny wrote for us. But many, many, many of us are not. Many of us have choices, but we choose to do nothing—because it is easier! Before Jesus came along to bring forth—to highlight, and to address our problems. How much suffering have we inflicted upon each other with our lack of awareness and unwillingness to stand up to try to do our part?

Those characteristics about humanity have not changed much—even in thousands of years. The recent world pandemic COVID-19 is another great example I am given to illustrate this point. It confirms so many of the points I wrote years ago for this book. Till this day, we still hate anyone who is different or remind us of how ugly we can be.

“Black Life Matters.” Why is this still a necessary action today? I can see it already. Soon, there will be an “Asian Life Matters” too, and in the future “White Life Matters.” Because true harmony and true equality cannot be achieved through a method and approach that demand a war, to distinguish and define an extremity through a label.

Because under a “flag” that label—to some people, not all. Will choose to join the cause and fight—not purely for the intention it is meant for. They join TO matters. To compensate for what they lack or seek for themselves—a purpose. Because they are lost—and wanted to be part of something. They join to stand out. To have meaning. To contribute. To BE someone. To cause chaos. To satisfy a craving for power. To allow the coward inside out!

Not because some of them truly believe in the causes. It is simply “herd mentality”. Herd mentality are the results of mindless, lazy, ignorant fools—who choose not to bother with the effort of using the brain they are given to do what it is intended for. They act with the crowd because it is easier to gain courage to act foolishly while everyone else is also doing it too. Easier to get away with the consequences too—when it is time to pay the price for their mindless actions. Because if they get a big enough group of fools together, they think they would go unnoticed in the crowd.

Growing up being someone who often get misjudged, labeled, and stereotyped. I notice lots of people demand, fight, and say they wants to be accepted for who they are. Want to be treated with equality and respect. But they—themselves, is not willing to give it. They demand others to accept their differences, fight to hold the “rights” to those differences. But they, themselves, is not willing to accepts others.

They are not willingly to compromise their differences. Nor their sense of entitlements to that “rights” to have it or give it—to find peace. They are not willing to apply and practice what they demand of others. They ask because they can. Thus, the wars between differences arise in the forms of racism, stereotype, and discrimination. Racism, stereotype, and discrimination are the result of our lack of self-awareness. Our misguided and taught sense of entitlements to “privileges” that we believe defines us. What make you or I, think it is O.K. to demand someone to bend to our ways by crying “racism”, “discrimination”, “abuse”, “neglect”, “rights”, and etc? If we are not willing to accommodate others—what makes us think we should be accommodated?

Hence, the only way for true equality to be achieved. The only way to truly “kill” discrimination, stereotype, and racism—Is for each of us, to be mindful and self-aware of our own intentions, thoughts, actions, and reactions. To be mindful of the superficial use of terms we use to define each other and chooses to live by. We would have to care enough to be individually mindful and aware of our behaviour, perspective, and actions we express. We would have to practice being thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, accepting, and generous.

We would also have to learn to see others not only with the eyes of our ego but with our heart as the soul’s compass. With love and gratitude as the blanket that keeps us warm and safe against the cold harsh lessons we came here to learn.

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