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Bizarre Insinuations About Virgin Mary And Dark Kingdom

Mar 6, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
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It sounds weird being induced, forced by the occult cults group to recite Hail Mary.

First, it sounds paradoxical that a group like that will want you to start saying particular prayers. Why prayers and not sacrifice or another ritual of varying dark natures, Right?

Request like that for that is what I respect their moves as, their interesting in particular Christian prayers whether it is done directly or indirectly, accusatory or not is weird to any common sense. It makes you start thinking deeply and sounding paranoid to those who are ignorant of what is happening. I mean, there is no relationship between light and darkness. Dark cults and Christian prayers.

Things like that are a sign that either those guys made you their meeting topic, not even an article in their agenda but the cog in which their whole meeting rotates or they are accusing you of venturing into their arenas.

Such a move made open as it were is not good news even though not bad either. Some certain groups should stay on their part of the divide and not encroach into others’ territories. Some new generation Christians sects might regard it as a declaration of war and fasting, prayers, and casting started.

Some of us are peaceful in nature, we are Christians but that type that believes in live and lets live philosophy. Why would a group like that start requesting Hail Mary from a Christian?
Why found fault with what some Christian sects are doing?- you think they accept your ways or approve of anything you are into?
Who made you a judge over anybody or anything for that matter in the society? Which law gives your existence any legitimacy?
It is funny how outlaws with time always think that they are legal to the extent of questioning the norms of the society or other legal entities.

The fact that some group their activities rotates around dark forces and dark activities is accusing someone or group of contaminating something or people is hilarious to say the least.
Suddenly, they found the source of the contamination in a particular prayers is a sign of their activities towards those things and groups.

Either they believe you are not saying prayers to God or that they want you indirectly to stop or continued saying it because they must have contaminated what they are accusing you of or wants to frighten you away from it.
A prayers that have been said hundred of year’s without problem suddenly has problems discovered by occult cult from China.

The question is: Why Hail Mary? Why not hail Joseph or hail Jesus? Why Mary? Why out of one million prayers said by the catholic churches all over the world, it is only Hail Mary you found fault with?

Now, most of those in heaven being honored here on earth are mostly males and a few women. Mary is the only woman up there in adoration with all the males in heaven in importance.

I have written on the true sex of Lucifer before. Many and I am one of those many are still confused about the true sex of that rebellious being. See the post and others like it down there.

I don’t know what it is with women and dark forces. In ancient, it was so. Today, the attraction is Mainly on their side still. Most things don’t cut with different races unanimously but this mermaid issue is what all races, classes, and education levels agreed on without a doubt that the sex is SHE, woman, not a male. How come?

Lucifer was one sent down from heaven and according to the story in the Bible, he is He, not She. Where is he then if not on earth? Every known strong demon in existence today is SHE, not HE. Right?

Was there another coup among those rebels sent down here from heaven? Do the fallen women angels rebel against Lucifer and his male counterparts and succeeded in overpowering them afterward?

Why do people keep from ancient time when Virgin Mary they focused on today as evil was still here hearing the same thing you are reading today of the woman controlling events in the clouds up there from Prophets of old? See Isaiah.
If Chinese and their affiliates are in situating that virgin Mary is different from the woman but people, particular group or person is deceiving people by worshipping the woman Isaiah was talking about pretending to be adoring virgin Mary, so, they accepted that Mary is not evil but the deceit from someone?
It sounds great to hear from them. Good to focus on contamination not prayers.

For sure, there are spirits in the seas, in the forest, in the clouds and only heaven knows where else they are? Other planets no doubt have the forces they battle there.

We know that the same woman occupying position up there in the clouds was there when the virgin Mary was here hearing prophet Isaiah admonishing Israeli women to steer clear of that woman occupying position there.

So why does this request alas indirectly to say hail may or you are the contaminator?

Let the good people of GRA enlighten us more.

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