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Be Miracle Ready

Mar 29, 2018
Percy Ramsey
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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“What” you are is spirit, love, beauty and abundance. “Who” you are depends on your unique expression. Like a snowflake, you are a unique expression of God. When you melt a snowflake into water and then allow it to freeze back into a snowflake, it reforms into its unique configuration! Like the snowflake, you are a unique expression of the universal God. You have a function on this planet that only you can fulfill. You are here to be a teacher of God/Love. You are no more or no less than anyone else.

The “what” of your life takes care of itself. How you choose to show up in each moment (in love or in fear) depends on whether you serve your function. Your purpose is to fully live your life. Your life is your purpose. Show up for your life, and you invite miracles into the present moment.

“Seek first the kingdom of heaven” is not an external process, but an internal moment-by-moment choice to choose love. Choose love, and you align with the miracles waiting to express through, and as you. The energy or consciousness in which you do something, shapes the outcome of your life. Resentment and cynicism aligns you with scarcity and limitation. Your current life conditions are an expression of past thoughts and feelings. Choosing love and forgiveness invites change into your life.

How you are being today is the greatest predictor of tomorrow. This can be bad news if you are feeling crummy. So, what do you do? As best as you can, in this moment, choose to love yourself and others. When you invite love into your mind, you allow the limiting beliefs to melt.

Love yourself as you are, witnessing the bad mood or negative thinking with compassion and non-reaction. Compassionate witnessing of yourself heals whatever you witness. Quantum physics has shown through The Observer Effect that what we observe shifts. Compassionate self-awareness (loving oneself) is a practice. Just like other habits (exercise, drinking water, bathing), compassionate self-awareness is a choice you must make if you want to be happy.

Break your agreement with the scarcity mind-set. What you believe about yourself and life is the reality you will live in. The North American mantra is, “I don’t have enough time, money, youth, etc…” Be willing to know that you are enough, and there is enough. Be willing to let go of limiting beliefs and a new reality will begin to emerge before your eyes.

The solution is inherent in the problem. God or Life is not an empty vacuum. The good, or answer, is ALWAYS, always right within and in front of you.

“There is technology now that can turn garbage into fuel. Sweden has converted all its garbage into fuel and is now buying garbage from China.” Dr. Michael Beckwith

We suffer from paradigm blindness. We are stuck in our current self-perception, and thus our external perception. The mind separate from God (ego) will try to convince you that playing small keeps you safe from future harm, or that playing small glorifies God. However, you teach in your living example, and you will act in the world according to how you self-identify. Perceive yourself as little or lacking, and your actions and thinking will reflect this perception. A sunbeam has all the qualities of the sun, and is not trying fight to get back to the sun. Likewise, you have all the qualities of God within you, and are here to shine in only the way you can.

Choosing to hold a grudge against another, or yourself, can trap you from seeing and thus experiencing miracles. You are not just your body. You are the qualities of your Soul: love, beauty, wisdom, joy, etc. Your past will effect you in the present, to the degree that you identify with your body. Your True Self cannot be attacked.

The “why” only comes into your awareness after you choose love. (There is no logic to hate; so stop trying to “figure out” why it happened.) When you choose love, you realize you are not your past, but the wisdom gained from it. Forgiveness does not condone the event, but rather sets you free in the present moment.

“Lack of forgiveness… is letting someone live in your mind ‘rent free’

or like drinking rat poison to kill the rat.

Forgiveness is refusing to let someone steal your joy.”

Rev. Jeff Nelson, Redford Aldersgate

The answer to your woes depends on your willingness to let go of your current paradigm of thinking. A small bit of willingness invites a miracle. Where there is great love, there will always be miracles. To the extent that we live with love, we will experience the miraculous.

“Miracles occur naturally as an expression of love.

When they don’t occur, something has gone wrong.”

Marianne Williamson on The Course In Miracles

Invite Love or God into your mind. If you courageously place your burdens on the altar of Spirit, your mind will be altered.

85% of lottery winners lose their winnings after five years. Why? They were not miracle ready. Surrender what you think should happen in your life, and start showing up in love anyway. Let go of the general grumpiness and negativity. Your purpose is to serve and love the persons that are in front of you.

Your good is not in the future held by some external force. By how you choose to show up today, you have the power to align with the good that is waiting for you–or not. Courageously accept that you have all the qualities of God already within you, waiting to be recognized and expressed. You can only keep what you give away. As you give the beauty, love, and kindness within you permission to express, you will experience more beauty, love, and kindness in your world. God/Life never gives up on you. Choose to love yourself and others, and miracles can be the natural order of your life.

by Barbra White Crow For Body Mind Spirit Guide

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