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Balancing Hormones

Mar 29, 2018
Tracy Campbell
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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We have been overwhelmed by requests for help concerning hormonal, fertility, and pregnancy issues. Some of the women have had these sort of problems, despite eating a commendable diet. In this era, chemicals that imbalance the hormones are plentiful, and there is little wonder that both men and women are becoming infertile at higher rates than ever before in history.

The first thing to examine is the water supply. Tap water contains dozens of pharmaceuticals, in addition to the chlorine and fluoride that is ironically added in the name of health. All of these things can imbalance hormones; and fluoride specifically attacks the thyroid, an organ that is responsible for the creation of hormones. Fluoride is likely the biggest reason for the high rates of hypothyroidism throughout America today. Purchasing spring water, or getting a high-quality water filter is essential for avoiding serious disease.

There are plenty of water filters that are found in regular grocery stores, which simply remove the taste of chemicals, but not the chemicals themselves. Brita water filters are a good example, and they are actually marketed for removing the chlorine taste, so the water tastes pure. Reverse osmosis water filters may or may not remove fluoride; depending entirely upon their engineering. Berkey water filters, with fluoride removal add-ons are the only filters that we trust. A shower filter is important too, because the chemicals and metals from the public water supply absorb through the skin, as well as the lungs by way of the water mist. Gases, such as chlorine, are thoroughly inhaled, which additionally aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Soy is poisonous, and it contains phyto-estrogens that compete with the body’s own natural estrogens. In essence, the birth control pill is very similar to soy, because it provides estrogen in order to prevent pregnancy. This is a defense mechanism of the soy plant. In nature, it stops parasitic insects from reproducing. We recommend that all of our readers avoid soy in all forms, and this rule is particularly important for women who are pregnant, or those trying to conceive. For other people, soy’s resultant hormonal imbalances will, in the least, make life less pleasant.

The vast majority of cosmetics are toxic, and they are notorious for containing heavy metals, including lead and aluminum. Cosmetics that claim to be natural and organic are usually extremely deceptive. In fact, we have yet to find any off-line source of non-poisonous make-up products. Deodorants and anti-perspirants often contain aluminum, which is sometimes hidden under the name “mineral salts” or “alum”, even at the health stores in products marketed not to contain aluminum. The chemicals in deodorants and anti-perspirants sink through the armpits, accumulating in the breast tissues and lymphatic system, making cancers much more likely. Some of these dishonest products sport the pink ribbon from the Komen Foundation.

Plastics may disrupt the hormones too, especially if they contain bisphenol-A (BPA). People who store their foods, or eat from plastic containers, should ensure that the plastics do not contain BPA. BPA is known for mimicking estrogen in the body (in a similar way to soy) and it thereby causes imbalances of the hormones. Glass and stainless steel containers are ideal whenever possible, but if plastic is necessary, then ensure that the manufacturer does not use BPA. Unless otherwise stated, assume that hard clear plastics contain BPA, but faded (e.g. milk jug) plastics generally do not.

The majority of retail meats contain hormones, and the meats are furthermore coated with nitrate salts to extend their shelf life. The complete avoidance of meat is neither feasible, nor healthy. Women and children both need plenty of iron, and meats (especially beef) contain nutrients that are not found elsewhere. Instead of avoidance, it is important to purchase grass-fed, hormone-free meat (preferably organic). Hormone-free milk has become fairly easy to find, due to public pressure that has begun to force even the largest retailers to sell pure milk. Non-homogenized milk is preferred, due to the extreme inflammatory damage that is caused by drinking homogenized milk. Our official recommendation is creamline milk, which can be found in most health food stores.

Repairing The Damage

Before trying to have a child, it is important to cleanse the body of toxins. This will make it easier to become pregnant, and more importantly, to have the healthiest possible child. We recommend that all women who are trying to get pregnant first perform a liver and heavy metal cleanse. Do not do any cleanses while pregnant, because they will free the heavy metals and toxins from the tissues, which will be absorbed by the growing fetus. Simply supplement with selenium while pregnant to neutralize the toxic effects of most heavy metals.

Pears and peaches have a special ability to regulate the hormones. They are often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for this purpose. We made a juice that is good tasting and beneficial, which uses both of these fruits. Drink one of these every day, or simply eat the fruits, if you prefer.

Most Americans are deficient in iodine. It is essential for the thyroid. Never take iodine internally, or supplement with underwater plants for iodine, with the possible exception being red marine algae. Oral supplementation with iodine is dangerous, and most underwater vegetation contains enormous amounts of heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Safe methods of iodine supplementation include the ideal choice of eating fresh fish, supplementing with red marine algae, the cautious use of potassium iodide, or applying iodine transdermally. Fish should never be fried, and the fish should be neither bottom feeders nor shell fish.

Purchase cold-pressed organic coconut oil. It will stimulate the thyroid, give you energy, provide omega-3, and it will help to balance hormones. It is often recommended by midwives. Consume a teaspoon of it twice a day.

Women with hormonal imbalances should also read our hypothyroidism article to check themselves for the symptoms. If hypothyroidism is confirmed, then treating it should be a priority.

We must reiterate the importance of avoiding fluoride, which includes the use of fluoride toothpastes. The absorbent tissues inside the mouth are one of the fastest pathways into the blood stream, so every time a person brushes with a fluoride toothpaste, he is essentially drinking fluoride. It is also worth noting that a large percentage of pharmaceuticals contain fluoride too, without having any apparent or disclosed reason for its inclusion. It would be prudent to research any pharmaceuticals that are being used, and this includes fertility treatments. Fluoride has historically been prescribed to patients with hyperthyroidism to cripple the thyroid.

Exercise is important, because it stimulates the body’s production of CoQ10, and also because it allows a person to expel toxins through the sweat glands. Exercise is the only way to cleanse the critical lymphatic system (lymph nodes).

Imbalanced hormones are caused by underlying health issues that probably took many years to develop. Thus, recovery is never a fast process. It will require faith and patience.

Consideration should always be given to whether it is the man or the woman in the relationship who is infertile (or both). Infertility is now more common in men than in women.

by Sarah C. Corriher For Healthwyze

Tracy Campbell
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