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Vibrational Healing-The Shaman's Way
Mar 30, 2020

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Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D. ©

Eighty years ago, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said “In every culture and every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. Our early healers whom we have come to call shaman understood that sound created vibrations and it, in turn, had a positive effect on their patients. Today, we know that all things, living and inanimate vibrate: humans, animals, trees, stones, the earth, and the universe … the cosmos.

Thanks to the late Bruce Tainio at Eastern Washington State University and his invention of the Calibrated Frequency Monitor we now can determine the frequencies of human beings, foods, animals, essential oils, crystals, and even diseases. Nikola Tesla said “if we could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we could have greater resistance to disease. In my business, we call these outside frequencies blockages.

Today’s science tells us that cells are composed of molecules; each molecule is composed of atoms which in turn are composed of subatomic particles called protons, electrons, neutrons, and quarks. Additionally, according to engineers at Washington University, we know there are about 100 trillion atoms in a single cell. Now that’s 12 zeros after the number 100. Further, it is estimated that there are 100 billion cells in the human brain. Anybody got a headache yet? All of these cells are constantly in a state of vibration.

We know that the human body has a vibration frequency of 62-78 MHz, that is, one million hertz. A hertz means something vibrates one cycle per second. When the human body vibrates below 62-78 MHz, we experience mental, physical, and or emotional issues. I make a distinction between the words mental and emotional. For me, mental means the physical functions of the brain; emotional means feelings and the two are not necessarily connected.

Essential oils start at 52 Hz and go to 320 Hz which is the vibration frequency of rose oil. Clinical studies have shown high-grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural plant substance known to mankind. With that said, you can see why I include essential oils in my practice.

Things that lower your vibrational levels include negative thoughts, being surrounded by negative people, a hostile workplace, watching violent or horror movies, electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers, the Alexa-type devices, radiation from microwaves, and your Wi-Fi connection. Besides physical issues, there is what I call the big three: stress, anger, and anxiety. The list goes on. So what then, do I, as a shaman do to change all of this within a client?

After an initial interview and before I begin treatment I smudge the client with Palo Santo then I measure the energy of my client. There are two ways I use to do this: First, I use a dowsing rod which I made from an old coat hanger. I cut the lower section off, bend it, and place one end in a small piece of a plastic straw. Or I use my pendulum.

I rub the client’s feet with essential oil, some on each wrist, and one drop behind each ear. I generally begin with cedarwood, teatree, and or frankincense oils.

After that, I place a crystal in each hand and ask the client to gently hold the crystal. Again, depending on the client’s perceived issues, I use clear quartz, amethyst, or Shungite.

Then I begin drumming, a slow beat as I walk around the client. I do this several times: sometimes beginning at the head but most of the time I begin at the feet. I linger for a time where the dowsing rod stopped which means the place of blockage.

Next, I add the rattle. It was made for me by Randy Billings. I follow the same routine with the rattle. Next, I use a small wooden flute. I do not play a song, but make sound with the flute. Bones are played, and what is called the thunder and the session ends with one more round of drumming. The session lasts an hour or longer depending on the client’s needs.

Finally, I offer herbal tea and some small snack. I call my client in three days to see how they are doing. I do not ask if they are better. Depending on their comments, I may recommend a couple of things they can continue to do at home.

The emphasis is, as always, the change of vibrational patterns; even, when I switch to Reiki, strictly essential oils, or crystals.

©March 30, 2020

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