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Jun 26, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
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Further to my article on day twenty…5. THE LAW OF COMMUNICATING VESSELS:

This Law manages the loss or the taking of energy, because only someone who has; can give, anyone who does not have, can only receive. We often waste a great deal of energy, and without realising it find ourselves exhausted by certain people, situations, jobs or external or internal conflicts. As we will show, this is explained by a principle of physics called the “Law of Communicating Vessels”

A person’s mental balance depends on their vital energy levels. Enthusiasm, joy, optimism and the ability to seize opportunities to achieve a successful life in every sense are directly related to high levels of energy. Inversely, people who are apathetic, depressed, sad, frustrated or defeated have very low levels of vital energy. When a person with a high energy level interacts with others whose level is very low, their vital energy flows toward the lower energy, and may leave them feeling totally exhausted without knowing why.

The Law of Communicating Vessels applies to all the situations in our lives, and it is one of the greatest secrets of wisdom; for the level of vital energy we have available for benefiting from life’s experience and achieving immense levels of satisfaction in every sense depends on managing the Law.

Managing the Law of Communicating Vessels appropriately requires us to be very careful when selecting our friendships, relationships, businesses, where we live, work, the places we go to and the thoughts we accept. In addition, we have to train ourselves constantly to manage the feelings and negative emotions that arise spontaneously in the presence of certain individuals, situations, or news that we receive, in order not to give energy away involuntarily.

It’s not what you know, but who you know!

When we are with people who are depressed or unsuccessful, or in certain dramatic situations that we may possibly observe, we must “turn off the tap” of feelings and emotions, and only do what we must do from our understanding; otherwise our energy will immediately diminish. If someone needs help, we can give them enthusiasm, support, energy, but we must act wisely, avoiding suffering. But if we get involved and do not turn the tap off, we will never have sufficient inner peace to be able to help others.

I t is very important to manage our feelings voluntarily, not automatically, thereby ensuring that it is not our feelings that manage us; and, little by little, TO REPLACE FEELINGS WITH THE UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE.

Feelings are a double-edged sword, because today they are positive and tomorrow they may be totally negative, that is, they have a complicated duality. However, understanding has no duality, and enables us to act wisely and think clearly. Everyone is responsible for their vital energy. If we allow our energy to become destabilised, we will no longer have access to our centres for understanding and wisdom.

Vital energy falls or rises depending on how we manage our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The biggest energy “thief” is not outside us, but inside; it lives in our mind and is called ego. The ego steals alarming amounts of energy when it blames others and when it worries unnecessarily; it fills us with stress and anxiety, and uses negative thoughts. It feeds on suffering and ignorance, and it is therefore necessary to cleanse the mind to stop suffering and escape from ignorance and wisdom-related information.

Light is equivalent to vital energy and attitude of mind.

If a person’s mental attitude is one of love, joy and enthusiasm, they are generally not vulnerable to the darkness of the “vampires” or “energy thieves”, because the latter do not like such an attitude and they go elsewhere. But if we are in a depressed frame of mind, we will be much more vulnerable, because we are a match for all types of dark situations, in terms of lack of mental clarity. This in turn prevents us from finding job opportunities or from being able to generate anything, because we are in a state of low energy.

The best way of overcoming a difficulty and maintaining high energy is to persist in expressing joy and smiling at life. The mere fact of smiling generates endorphins and increases energy. In contrast, expressing bitterness, sadness, frustration or apathy secretes other chemicals in the body that increase depression and reduce energy. Although it seems incongruous we must fill ourselves with joy in the face of difficulties in order to be able to resolve them.

If we fill ourselves with bitterness, our difficulties will increase, because we are accentuating our limitations and closing the doors of understanding.

Tania Padley
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