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B12: Chapter 9: The Bullies That WE Are.
Feb 27, 2022

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For too long we have taken the easier path. Allowing ourselves to bypass many harder lessons to get to our results faster—by emphasizing specifics such as: physical strength or the mind. Yes, being physical-centric, we learn to physically survive and build physical structure faster. Then being mind-centric we learn to work “smarter not harder”. It makes us physical-realm efficient.

But the danger of disconnecting our heart from our mind, and our soul from our body to be more physical efficient. Is be desensitized from our ability to truly feel and understand compassion. To be disassociated from our higher and dimensional self. Our physical body and our mind give us the power to do all we can do—here, in this physical realm. But it is our heart and the soul that guides it—that is the compass that keep us humble and walking in the direction we know to true dimensional growth and wisdom.

It is our heart that open the connection to the soul, which are eternal after our body dies and we leave this realm behind. The mind can see pain, but it cannot feel it enough to motivate us to act upon its containment or prevention. It can see pain, but it cannot absorb the pain enough to understand and be taught compassion, empathy, and sympathy by it. It comprehends wisdoms, but it does not understand wisdoms.

Migration toward one specifics aspects or components of ourselves such as: The physical body, the mind, the heart, or our soul alone—cannot help us grow and ascend dimensionally. If we are to be able to ground to this realm and have the experiences we have, while still being connected to our creator through our higher self. So, we can make our journey back when our time here is done—Every part of us need to all function and work together in harmonization as a package. Hence, why we come to life in the form we are given to experience all the elements—in all the different conditions. To earn the wisdoms and train our heart and soul to see what our creators have had to go through to be the entities it is.

An example of us out harmony with ourselves as we migrate again—to an individual specific component of ourselves. Is in the way we behave during this world pandemic. Today, we have the resources. The technology to stop the pain and suffering of others, but some of us still choose to do nothing. The current pandemic has highlighted how truly lost some of us have become. How selfish and immoral we have fallen. Fallen from the great creation that we are meant to be. The fact that some of us cannot choose to do something as simple—as keeping some distance. Or a wear mask to protect others from ourselves. So selfish and blind by our privileges and sense of entitlements, that we think being asked to stay home or wear a mask. Or give others some distance so we can save lives—is such a “hardship”.

It boggles my mind that such a great race has become so pathetic that they think being asked to “stay home”—Is such a “hardship”. That we consider it as imprisonment. To be given money to stay in our own home, to have food, to watch TV, to read, to spend time with the people in our environment. Or use our backyard instead of a park because we worked hard to own the space, we have not had time to enjoy. To take some downtime for ourselves—to get to know ourselves. To think on our purpose for being given life, instead of mindlessly day after day, act as if life is a meaningless chore.

To think all those privileged opportunities are considered “hardship” and “imprisonment”. That it is comparable to life on the trenches. That we need “freedom” from such privileges and opportunities—made my heart hurts and my soul cries for those in the past who have had to leave loves one behind. Make great sacrifices so that those pathetic fools of today can be so prideful and proud of their lack of self-awareness and ignorance. Their lack of strength to be better products of the people who have made such great sacrifices to make today’s freedom possible.

To think, that people of today consider their act of mindless destruction and chaos. Their acts of “rebel” against the very people who are doing something and who are trying to save lives. Is comparable act of “bravery” to past heroes. To think that having to hold and watch their friends dies in their arms. Or get limps blown up and faces horrible deaths. Or working in an environment where people drop like flies and bodies plies so high—due to a deadly virus—ls no longer considered hardship in compared to the “great hardship” of “staying home”.

That again and again, when it really matters. We become stupid by our ego and bites the hands that loves, care, and can save us. We devalue, demean, attacked, and antagonize those who cares. Those who are mindful and aware. Those who tries, and those who are doing something about the problem now—while we do nothing but add to it.

During the beginning of the pandemic, not even at the climb to its climax. It is disappointing to see how far we have fallen as a race. We have so much. Given so much. Yet, we appreciate nothing. Learn nothing of the lessons that source have been trying to teach us since the time of the last ascended master. Today we have more than enough to share. Can choose to share. But we do not (like the “Toilet paper” event or choosing to burn fields of food/products to control price). We can choose to give, but instead we choose to selfishly indulge and hoard (disinfections wipes events). We can choose to help our saviours or those doing something about the problems. But instead, we choose to indulge in our selfish sense of entitlements by attacking and making more work, for those who are trying to keep us save.

Some of us are so privileged we do not know what to do with ourselves. That we end up self-mutilating or start to find horrible ways to spread pain and suffering as a result. Hence, it is a sad fact that again, and again, we are choosing either to stand by to watch or choose to be unaware because we can. While waiting in vain for someone to come help us when we could easily help ourselves.

Side Note: Coming from a world of complete love. I used to want and believe I should help everyone—indiscriminately. I used to get so frustrated with source and asked why I am given my abilities yet not allowed to do more. However, events of all the recent years have open my eyes to what source saw. Has help me truly understand where the roots of our problems lie. Have made me understand my role and its duties more intimately. Help me understand my place and why I cannot help—but also should not try to help everyone. I am shown that only the ones that created the problems can fix it. They need to be the one to realize what went wrong and what need to be fix.

Also, if my use of words is too harsh for someone who you consider is a “spiritualist”. Then do not think of me that way. Think of me as someone no different from you. Just another someone who have been paying attention to my lessons. Thus, have come to realize and is sick of all the self-disabling—we have been doing. Sick of all the mindless excuses we have been making. Sick of how weak and pathetic we have become—Let ourselves become. When I know, how great we can be!

Also, I am truly sick of us—abusing and bullying our creators. Not because they are powerless against us. But because they choose to be patient and benevolence—while we choose to take advantages because we can. So, my harsh words are on their behave. Since they would not say it—I will. Those words are aimed towards me as much as it applies to those that it is intended for—us (all that are here on this planet—doing the damage we do). I am so sick of being a mindless bully. So sick of being a weak, pathetic ignorant fool and coward—who choose to hide behind illusion because I am afraid.

Afraid of the monsters I choose to be. Choose to create by allowing myself to be ignorant. Thus, allow my human ego to cage the amazing creation that I am—from coming out and illuminate my world with all the beauties that life blessed us with. That is planet blessed us with by giving us this chance to experience it. I want to be free of my ignorant. Free of fear to see, enjoy, and experience all the wonderful gifts that our creators have planned for us. Do you not want to see it for yourself? Experience it too?

If you do. Then, WAKE UP!!! Stop, slow down, and take a moment! Take this pause that Source gave us. That Covid-19 gave us. To be mindful and aware of the damage we have carelessly done to the beautiful space and people around us. Our creator asked for nothing in return for giving us the precious and priceless gift of life we are given. This planet itself ask for nothing as well, for allowing us to borrow all the wonders and beauty it offers. As we use it to experience our gift of life. Yet, ignorant and ungrateful fools we are—to choose to be intentionally mindless ingrates. Instead of the amazing entities we are intended to be.

Like back then, in the time of Jesus, as it is now: Too many people are asking for help because they can, instead of asking for help because they really need it. There is a different. People asking for help because they can—ask without intention of putting a lot of effort into making it happen. They expect just because they could ask for it, that they would get it. Then if they do not get it, they blame and outsource ownerships of their failings. Instead of seeing the real lesson and wisdom in why they did not get what they asked for.

Those that asked for help because they need it—is willing to do the work and put in the effort to make it possible. Sometimes what they get is not what they ask for, but they are still satisfied with the result. Because they realize it is what they need. They are grateful and appreciative just to be receiving any help. While those that do not need what they ask for are ungrateful and unappreciative of any effort made to help them. Even if the effort given—resulted in what they asked for.

We are not put here to learn to be lazy and spoiled. Not put here to have every wish and prayers granted at a wimp. Also, when we pray for help, but refuse to help ourselves and help others. We are praying and asking because we can, not because we need it. Thus, if granted easily. We would quickly get over it and just ask for something else.

Like a spoiled child who cannot get enough. Because we are asking without understanding how truly valuable what we are asking for is. In the past, to get help. We have had to sometimes cross oceans and climb mountains—yet help is not guaranteed. Today, help stood before us. Reaching out for us. Begging us to take its offered hands, but we look down on it. We turn away—not caring—only to then cries big tears. How spoiled we have become.

If the story of Jesus is true. This is a perfect example to illustrate this point. Why does Jesus have to die such a tragic death for us to realize what he has come to offer us? Why do we have to repay his parents’ generosity with excruciating pain of witnessing what we have done to their son, to know we are loved?

Also, instead of remembering and celebrating all the amazing memories that Christ have created before his death. Or invented a miraculous hope that Christ is still walking among us, because we made wise decision back then. We indulge in our mistakes and flaunt proudly his tragic death like a prized award. But awarded for what? Our short-sightedness? Or our simple mindlessness? Our stupidity? Why are we celebrating the failures of our ultimate goals?

Jesus came to help us; when we allowed his murder—we fail. If he is real. He will always be the son of God. It is not his lost to die. He is just going home. What is death but another sleep for someone like him? It is us who want to reach his father and join them in their home (Heaven)—Not the other way around. Us who send up prayers to seek a path to get there. Yet, we sabotage our own ability and chance to succeed when the answer to our prayers arrives. When we let our nature, our ignorant, our mindless actions, and fellow peers get the better of us. Whether Jesus or any of the other Gods we worship are real or not—lives or die. They exist in our history as examples to serve their purpose to teach humanity what need to be taught.

Jesus’s “birth” prove a Higher Power exist (theoretically or literally—it does not matter). His death is a lesson to humanity. Do you know what it is? Until today how often do we question what we are taught about Jesus? “Jesus/Christ” a well-known name in this realm. Almost everyone knows it and knows who they are referring to. But does anyone really know the real Jesus? Anyone ever wonder or ask what his “life” here was like? He was BORN into this realm. BORN into a physical body. BORN into a family and culture. He BLEDS! Do you know what that means?

Our history and peers could say whatever they want to teach us—but that does not mean what they say is all true. Have you ever wondered: Why would someone who can make the world bow at their feet—to stop their suffering... not want to? Who choose to die at our hands?

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