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May 1, 2020


UNIT TWO: Supercharging your imagination

• How to control your emotions.

• How to clear your mind and succeed.

• Understanding your thoughts and thinking patterns.

We have very little control over our emotions but we do have control over our thoughts. Your emotions are a reflection of your thoughts. To change your emotions, you need to change your thoughts first.

The perception of your circumstances needs to change before you can change!

Most people are in bondage to their own mind (fear of failure, etc.)

You need to begin by clearing your mind first and make a list of all the things you have (your health, car, family, time, friends, freedom and living in our country).

Stop concentrating on what you haven’t got; instead turn your attention to the list of things that you do have! Once you do, your feelings and emotions will change for clearer minds.

We must only focus on what we ‘HAVE TO WORK WITH – NOT THE THINGS WE DO NOT HAVE’:

Thought - Feelings - Actions - Results

You have a brilliant mind, capable of great ideas and concepts; so a quiet mind; is a mind in distress. If you are not involved in anything exciting, then you will suffer from boredom.

If you mull over things too much, you will procrastinate and perform very little. You have got to give your mind the right amount of thinking, i.e. “I am going to come up with this or that by the end of the day”…

You have to decide what you won’t do; then start with enthusiasm with what you will do.

• You are a self-made person; you are moulded by your thoughts.

• A quiet mind is a mind in distress.

• Nature has put a curse on all inactions – it is called STAGNATION.


QUESTION ONE: List five positive things that you have in your life at present?

QUESTION TWO: Do you have any exciting project at present? Describe you project if you have one.

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