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May 25, 2020


Organisation doesn’t happen overnight and it is not an easy destination to get at. As we have said before, it takes hard work, discipline and lots of good habits to keep on the path of good organisation.

This is why the process can seem so overwhelming at first and seem like a real challenge, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

With some of the following tips and techniques we can feel more empowered to say disciplined in your organisation.


When we set our minds to become more organised, the first step is finding the right system that will help you reach that goal. Once you find the system that works for you, the key is to keeping up the momentum to maintain that system.

Over time, it is normal to need to re-evaluate or weak your system in some way.

Develop an updated system periodically based on your changing priorities, needs and to-do lists. When organising your home or office, stay within your system that you have adapted so that your routines and actions are consistent and work together.


Often times we become disorganised by taking on too many projects and activities, which can take a toll on our time management. It is important to learn the need to say ‘no’ when asked to help with a request.

While you may feel the need or desire to help everyone that you can, realise that you can serve others by sticking with the areas in which you have the most to offer and can your best.

If you over extend yourself and your skills, not only do many people miss out on the great things you have to offer, but it keeps you from feeling more confident and organised in your life.


• “No, thank you”.

• “Sorry, but I am already committed to another project”.

• “That area is not one of my strengths”

• “Thank you, but I am needed for (project/assignment) right now”.


Organisation doesn’t happen every once in a while or when the occasion arises; it is something that is continue and carried out each day. In order to say organised over time, we must make organisation part of our every day.

Organisation is in everything we do, from daily activities such a sorting out documents, to more long term activities, such a reorganisation a department. When we practice these good habits and helpful tips every day, we are making organisation a regular thing in our lives and letting it help build a better future for ourselves.

Don’t wait for things and tasks to clutter up your life before you decide it is time to get organised again.


If you are waiting for the beginning of the following day to start your organisation plan, chances are you are already heading to disorganisation. Start today and make a plan for what you want to do in your life, including on a daily, weekly and even yearly basis.

When you determine what you want (such as becoming more organised), you can make plans to reach these goals of the future. Make a to-do list and plan a time to tackle it instead of waiting for the ‘urge’ to do it to come along.

Make plans on how to motivate yourself to keep going and plan rewards for productive behaviours. Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them!

When we plan and manage our time effectively, the stress and anxiety of becoming more organised will feel much lighter and a lot less like a chore.


• Make long and short term to-do lists.

• Plan ways to execute each list.

• Find ways to keep yourself motivated to stay on task

• Don’t forget to plan deadlines or plan to meet those already in place.

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