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Jun 23, 2020

Further to my article on day seventeen… 2. THE LAW OF OPPORTUNITY:

Opportunity is always present; some people take advantage of it and are successful, while others battle against life and call failure unfairness or bad luck!

It is not that someone who has failed is unlucky, it is that they are not within the Law, they do not know it or they do not know how to be governed by it, and they violate in unknowingly. It is not that someone who is successful is lucky; it is that they are flowing with the Law, even if they do not know it.

A wise person flows with the Law knowingly and everything just goes well for them.

Successful people do not place limitations on what life has to offer them. For example, they accept a job offer even if the function seems to be difficult to perform, even if it is poorly paid, even if it takes a lot of effort, even if initially they don’t know how to do it.

The real opportunity is the opportunity to learn.

If what we do, say and think is not consistent, we create a disorder in the flow of the Universe and everything is blocked for us. If we rebel against function and we do not value it, resources are blocked, in the same way as if we refuse to receive because we think we do not deserve it or we feel guilty.

If we do not adapt to where we live and we try to find another function in a different city or a different country, the best thing is to give up the idea of leaving to get out of a block, and decide instead to adapt to where we are.

Another reason why resources may be blocked is because we interfere in other people’s destiny and “play the good guy” by paying someone else’s debts, for example. That intention goes against the Laws of the Universe, which will block us for trying to interfere.

Only by understanding can we clear the way.

Just as the Law of Warning helps us to avoid unnecessary problems in life, the Law of Opportunity offers us the possibility of finding great satisfactions. Both Laws are recognised in the small, subtle details of life.

Many people reject opportunities because they mistakenly think: “this is not for me, I don’t like it, it is not my turn, there’s not a good atmosphere, there’s no motivation, I’m not appreciated; I can’t stand it anymore”, etc. In this way they miss the best opportunities that life offers them.

An opportunity may present itself with simple signs like for example, someone asking us a favour, our boss telling us to do a job we have never done, or someone we do not know giving us a card of someone who can help us.

Taking advantage of the opportunity involves whatever we decide to do with all our energy and love, as though it were the most important thing in our lives, or as though we are doing it for the person we love the most, without the kind of work it is, or where we do it, or who we are doing it for mattering at all.

This way we will put the Law in our favour: the results in our lives may be surprising!

Let us consider an example: someone had made great efforts to finance his degree in psychology, but could not find a job as a psychologist. One day he was offered a very lowly job, but little by little his mates began to tell him their problems as they found his advice very useful. It seemed unfair for him not to be paid for doing this and that company psychologist did not resolve the cases, but because of the Laws of the Universe he continued to work with enthusiasm, helping everyone who was sent to him free of charge. Magically the psychologist handed in her resignation and he was hired to take her place.

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