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Animal Reiki Connected Communication
Mar 25, 2024

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How Reiki transcends species connecting us all together universally in love and light

Through rehabilating our first Romanian street rescue dog I dove deep into the wonder of our spiritual energetic connection.

Spending many hours silently sharing Animal Reiki and space with her at a comfortable distance our mutual love, connection and trust slowly grew.

With every moment shared in sweet gentle Reiki connection she grew a little braver, a little lighter, a little brighter and more confident.

Her beautiful loving light began to shine through her past trauma.

Rather than flinching when anyone entered the room she began to nudge forwards with curiosity.

During our daily Reiki relaxation meditations she started to relax, release and let go of her past stress and tension.

Visibly sinking with calm relaxation and pure peace she would snuggle down and sleep.

Her beautiful snores touched my soul as she truly rested happily peacefully by choice.

Slowly her stress baseline reduced and she strengthened her calm foundation and resilience.

The moment she chose to step forwards, walk over and sniff my leg was priceless.

For me utter joy indescribable relief and huge gratitude for her bravery, her love and her life.

When she joined our family she'd had only days to live, being destined to be put to sleep, but now she was choosing to connect with us.

Months later sat on the kitchen floor with her I felt a pull to support others to do the same.

To find their voice and start exercising their choices too.

With her beautiful unconditional love and warm energetic support I began and am supremely grateful that I could share our story with you here.

Animal Reiki offers you such pure natural connection and communication that many used to enjoy lifetimes ago.

Past generations coexisted in unison with animals and nature and now you can as well.

Recent studies even prove the mental and emotional wellbeing benefits of connecting with animals.

So just for today be a little bit more dog and enjoy some animal connection with any species at home, on a walk out in nature, in a pet cafe or volunteering at a rescue centre or animal shelter.

Notice the natural calm relaxation that your animal connection offers you as the beauty of Animal Reiki flows through you both.

Relaxing, releasing and rebalancing you with pure gentle calm and unconditional love light energy.

With so much love, light and gratitude for you exactly as you are now and always,


Liz Clifton

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