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Ambitious Metaphysics – How To Have Better Ideas

Mar 29, 2018
Isaac Casey
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Paul Laffoley shifts in his seat.

The Palace at Westminster and the London Eye are visible behind him.

“My primary concern is how you connect mass to consciousness. That’s where visionary art has its home base.”


This is a man who once trained Playboy Bunnies to lecture on his paintings because he couldn’t afford to pay attendants for his show at the Boston mansion. When introducing him, the director of the Hayward Gallery said “this is as close as you are ever going to get to hearing Da Vinci speak.”

He also designed parts of the World Trade Center, personally knows some of the people inside NASA who have been talking about structures on the moon “for decades” and has previously been investigated by the FBI -who wandered into his Boston studio in the seventies and lazily asked him if his visionary cell was a communist front organisation. (Those Boston FBI agents, huh? They do the whole bureau proud.)

As you would expect, the presentation was breath-taking. “This is where engineering and religion meet. How do you get something that works on both sides simultaneously and doesn’t violate either one’s position?”

But it was also faintly dismaying. The above image contains his plans for a ten mile wide cube with silicon chakras, floating in geosynchronous orbit above Thule Island, connected via a 250 mile cable. It’s a piece of hypothetical, or rather, metaphysical technology for interplanetary travel and contact.

At one point in the presentation, he says “I will go toe to toe with any physicist and out dimension him.”

And that’s where the faint dismay comes in. Laffoley’s plans -like Da Vinci’s- present an alternative model of how the universe works, without violating anything that we know about it… and scales this alternative model into the most ambitious metaphysics I have ever encountered.

Where are the occultists thinking like this today? Where is our boldness, our visionary ambition? Much as it’s presumably nice for some of you to pay $150 to have a pretty, physical copy of a not-that-old book that’s already in the public domain, overly fixating on fidelity is like looking at an elephant through a microscope.

Laffoley recounted the tale of his plans for a wooden skyscraper, designed in conjunction with engineers and architects. The plans included living plants and rain traps for plumbing, recycling, etc (the root growth served to strengthen the upper levels while still allowing it to move with the higher winds) and was/is technically entirely feasible.

Having studied the use and impact of imperial architecture in colonial spaces, I knew what he was driving at when he described the problem he was trying to solve. They were to replace the Apartheid-era townships: easy to build from readily available material, in a style that wouldn’t reinforce the imperial ghosts of the past.

You could see the entirely white audience begin to squirm. In their defense, he could have phrased it a bit better. At one point, there was “Europeans like to be around stone, Africans like to be around wood.” (I LOL’d. Way to misread the liberal guilt of your audience. The London art set?! C’mon.) He didn’t use any poncey university words like ‘postcolonial expression’ and he probably should have said ‘neoclassical’ rather than ‘stone’… so people were starting to shift uncomfortably in their seats. Laffoley closed out the anecdote with this: “Nelson Mandela said to me, ‘Paul, if you build this, I’ll live in it.’ ”

Ahh, the sound of white people all exhaling at once.

But as occultists, we recognise the psychopolitics he is attempting to address there. The impact of our surrounding environment on how we re-member ourselves every day. My repeated refrain in the face of our post-apocalypse is to have better ideas. Paul Laffoley has better ideas. Better than yours. Better than mine. And whilst many of his designs would actually work in practice, they already work in blowing the top off of our heads.

And I do consider him ‘one of us’, in terms of belonging to the insalubrious world of the occult, rather than ‘just’ an artist who ‘inspires everyone’. During the questions, he was asked the question that everyone wants to hear the answer to. In the early nineties, he went in for a dental x-ray, only to find he had -and still has- a technological implant embedded in his brain… despite never having any kind of cranial surgery. It’s still in there. His is perhaps one of the more famous ‘alien implant’ stories of the last century.

You can see who he believes to be the culprit in the photo of Laffoley, taken by a friend on New Year’s Eve, which is in the bottom-left corner of the piece shown below. Here’s the artist’s own explanation from the companion book to the exhibition:

On December 31, 1988, at 10:37pm, while giving a talk on a sidewalk outside 500 Boylston Street in Boston, I was visited by the alien Quazgaa Klaatu, who manifested as a body of light. In a photograph taken by Steve Moskowitz, who was attending the New Year’s Eve event, a bright nimbus cloud covers my entire body and my seven chakras. This was the third visitation of Quazgaa Klaatu. The first was on September 13, 1951, in Los Angeles; the second was on January 25, 1967, in South Ashburnham, Massachusetts. In both earlier arrivals, Quazgaa Klaatu appeared in humanoid mode, as a one-meter-high reptilian-featured hermaphrodite who communicated telepathically.

On its third arrival, Quazgaa Klaatu communicated with me by making direct contact with my chakra system. I was left with the knowledge of how to Link life and death in a continuous experience

Utilize the resulting thanatonic energy to travel faster than the speed of light, turn matter into consciousness and back again, alter evolution at will, and exist simultaneously at every moment of time

Move the entire universe into the fifth dimensional realm and say when in history it is possible for this to happen.

I also received other information that I could not understand. Since this information was given to me directly but not for me per se, it must be communicated to others who are better prepared than I to receive it, which is why I was also shown how to make this painting. The Thanaton III is a psychotronic -or mind-matter interactive- device. It is activated by approaching the painting, stretching out your arms, touching the upright hands, and staring into the eye. When you do this, new information will come to you through the active use of the divine proportion, which is the proportion of life connecting to death.

How very interesting.

Oh, and his favourite movie is The Day The Earth Stood Still. He’s seen it almost a thousand times. Let’s end with Michael Bracewell’s description of the artist:

Paul Laffoley is an artist, architect, polymath and ideologue who both embodies, and has translated into diagrammatic art, a perception of time and space broad enough to accommodate those areas that are described as magic or parapsychology, yet so coherent and socially aware in its propositions that it suggests the thinking of a new, revisionist, school of liberal humanism.

Laffoley occupies the role defined, historically, by the tradition of esoteric scholarship connecting the experiments of medieval alchemy to the philosopher-scientists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He brings the study and practice of lucid dreaming, dimensionality, mind physics and psychotronics to a schema of visionary architecture. He has also designed a time machine and a prayer gun.

Put simply, his practice could be defined as the conversion of mysticism into mechanics.

Droughts of water and ambition

Even without the tragic fire deaths, this American drought has really activated some latent personal anxiety. I grew up in an Australia of severe water restrictions, farmer suicides and nine years without a drop of rain in some places. So I am literally praying for you.

And much as I wholeheartedly endorse using ‘proper’ sorcery for drought breaking, what I didn’t know as a kid is that you are only around $150 and a weekend in the shop away from one of Wilhelm Reich’s cloudbusters.

Bob Wilson fans may remember Reich as the orgone scientist who died in prison, had his lab smashed and his books burned by the FBI. All of which seems like overkill for technological theories that patently don’t work? But then, this was in an era of postwar experiments with Nazi technology out in the desert and the confiscation of all of Tesla’s material -which also doesn’t work- by the very same FBI. Even today, if you apply for a patent for technology that is arbitrarily deemed to be a national security risk, you won’t get it. (You will, however, get some very scary knocks on your door soon after.)

Now, I ask you… if you’re in a drought-afflicted area, what is stopping you from constructing a few empty pipes connected by an empty hose to a water source and pointing them at the sky? Where is the harm here, if it “doesn’t work”?

If you google around, you will find some truly insane bullshittery out there using resin and industrial shavings that is probably quite dangerous (and may well be contributing to the actual drought, itself). Close any tab that uses the word ‘orgonite’ or ‘chembuster’. These people are building weather modification devices originally designed to create clouds and inexplicably using them to somehow remove ‘chemtrails’ which are most certainly is not the things they think they are. (NWO, Alex Jones, blah blah blah. Like I said, avoid.)

Should you wish to build a cloudbuster, stick to the formula that contributed -along with all his sexy, sexy, sex talk- to an earnest man dying in prison of a broken heart.

This New York art experiment where I pulled these images from is a good place to start. It covers the history of the technology as well as how the artists built their own piece. Here are Reich’s own rules for cloudbusting which you should definitely follow.

I’ve been playing around with Reich’s technology and theories for most of this year because I have been powering that squadron of drone servitors I mentioned that have been so helpful with the archonology research. And actually, seeing as I was asked about them, let’s have a brief diversion.

Gordon’s recipe for drone servitors

Based on the idea that our unelected leaders should not be the only ones with access to flying demon robots.

I have a load of empty jam jars from when I made a vast quantity of jam before realising I don’t actually care for the stuff. But you can also use empty spice bottles without their lids. Must be glass.

Alternate layers of steel wool and sheep’s wool (or cotton wool, must be a natural substance), beginning at the base with steel wool and ending with the sheep’s wool. These are very small versions of Reich’s ‘orgone accumulator’ which is a large box of alternating natural and artificial substances that he’d get his patients to sit in for set periods of time. He theorised that the higher levels of orgone generated by the human body would attract lower levels from the atmosphere through the generator to cure DOR sickness. (We’ll come back to this idea.)

Place or affix the servitor sigil, paper is fine, on top of the spice bottle, then place the servitor’s spirit object (X-wings, in this case) on top of that. You now have servitors with a continuous supply of energy that do not require ‘feeding’. You may wish to experiment with affixing these little orgone accumulators under your altars if you have one and it’s positioned a in little trafficked part of your house or garden. Exposure to orgone generation/accumulation should be strictly timed. Consider your servitor placement very carefully. Outside and away from the house is best.

Enchant, summon, create! Mine are based on the (as far as we know) hypothetical solar powered UAVs that don’t ever require refueling. They’re designed to ‘report’ via dreams and internet syncing. Mine aren’t armed because I’m a lover, not a fighter, baby. But if I had the space for more bottles, I’d probably think about building ones that were.

Occulted metaphysics

Back to the story.

Reich’s theories about orgone are most likely balderdash.

However, tumbling in between the preposterous holes in the current faith-based belief in scientific materialism, through the suspicious use of directed energy weapons, through the recently declassified accounts of postwar experiments with torsion fields, through the historical overkill directed at any energetic experimentation that could undermine the military-hydrocarbon empire, through the hoovering up of any patents that represent a ‘threat to national security’, through the Indian experiments on inedia and fasting, through the overwhelming evidence for psi effects (Russell Targ: “the evidence for psi is ten times greater than the evidence that aspirin prevents heart attacks”), through the fantastical claptrap issuing from the LHC… we may discern an entire system of physics that we have completely missed. Which is almost the dictionary definition of metaphysics… an ambitious metaphysics that is only half-in our own dimension.

My own speculation is that what Reich considered ‘orgone’ is more likely to be very weak torsion fields… there is something about the rapidly spinning counter-rotating forces of the ‘hypothetical’ Nazi Bell or the inside of a hurricane that puts me in mind of the alternating layers of natural and artificial substances in his orgone generators. This may also provide a means for understanding why misuse of Reich’s technology can make you very sick. (That’s a double warning!)

It is likely that both of these terms are just hands on an elephant, of course… because neither of these theories have been subjected to scalable, public experimentation. (Recall Ben Rich saying there is “an error in the equations.”) But look at them with your magic eye puzzle eyesight and there’s something there… something that can be used.

Over to you

So goes the mind war… the spook world may be reading your emails, listening to your calls, using your GPS and cell phones as clandestine recording devices even when they’re switched off (“why is my battery always going dead? I barely use this thing.”)… but, in all of human history, there has never been greater access to the world’s leading ideas, the world’s most ambitious metaphysics.

Those expert voices from on high no longer have the fancy, sequined hat of authoritah that allowed them to proclaim “you are wrong because I say so”. The moral authority of science, of archaeology, of medicine, of business, of higher education, of entertainment, has been squandered.

This is still our fucking world. So be ambitious.

by Rune Soup

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