Acceptance vs. Allowance
Oct 8, 2021

Boyd Martin
Core Spirit member since Oct 3, 2021
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We're all familiar with the old saw from Alcoholics Anonymous: "Grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change"... The trouble is, it has a built in trap that most of us are not aware of.

rocks in riverWhen we accept something, we take it into our space and become it. We become what it is we accept. Somehow, someone got it into their furry little head that if we ACCEPT those things that cause us pain and discomfort, it magically leads to freedom from those sources of pain and discomfort. News flash... Nah. Been there, done that, doesn't work...

I've come to the awareness that what we really mean is ALLOW. Allowance and acceptance are two very different things. When we allow something, it means it is flowing past us and around us, like water flowing around a rock in a river. To accept something, we take it in, like a sponge.

To confuse these two concepts I believe is a serious error, especially when it comes to quantum living. To accept something means to entangle with it. Our photons, atoms and molecules are literally mixing in with that unwanted condition we've chosen not to experience. Like some sort of penance where we believe if we endure and suffer long enough, it will eventually lead to some form of divine grace and relieve us of our burden. So unnecessary...and inefficient!

Replace ACCEPT with ALLOW for those things you want to change: "Grant me the serenity to ALLOW those things I cannot change" puts you in a much more empowered position. Those "things you cannot change" simply flow around you and float on off and out of your universe.

Try this out on those things in your life causing you pain; those things causing you grief, suffering, disillusionment, dis-empowerment: Replace ACCEPT with ALLOW. Allow those things to float on by--wave at them as they saunter off into the distance. Then get busy choosing something different!

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