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Are You A Red Moon Or White Moon Cycle Kind Of Gal?

May 8, 2020
Davina Zarnighian
Core Spirit member since Apr 16, 2020
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Our cycle can show us if we are carrying negative beliefs or memories around our sexuality, birth trauma, issues around our parents, or too many toxins in our system. Just like the oceans, we are influenced by the moon. In ancient cultures, there were two menstrual cycles discussed; the Red Moon Cycle and the White Moon Cycle. The traditions and mythology around the moon as it relates to female fertility run deep and as the white moon cycle is a menstrual cycle that bleeds during the new moon, the red moon cycle is one that bleeds during the full moon.

So if you’re a white moon woman, you will bleed during the new moon, and ovulate during the full moon. The white moon cycle represents the fertile power of women. They are labeled as the ‘good mother’ as she was fertile in sync with the natural cycles of the earth (the full moon is considered as earth’s most fertile time). They are good mothers, taking care of their loved ones and nurturing and raising children. The white moon woman are in deep contact with her emotional, mental and soulful energies as she naturally pulls her energy inward.

The Red Moon Cycle has been historically linked to the full moon, meaning that red moon women bleed on the full moon and ovulate during the new moon. This cycle is called ‘the wise woman’s cycle’ and in ancient times, the red moon women have been said to be female healers, medicine women, the magic makers and wisdom keepers. They were gifted with a strong intuition and deep connection to their divine feminine power. Red moon women are focusing their ‘darker’ and more creative energy outwards, meaning that their energy will flow externally out to their community and circle, teaching others from their own experiences. So, yes, some were labeled as witches because a lot of them were drawn to darker powers. They aided in the creation in the realms of art, self-development, creativity, mentorship, business or other aspects of life beyond pregnancy and childbearing. The red moon woman is in deep connection with her physical and sexual energies.

Our menstrual cycle will go through phases. Both cycles are expressions of the feminine energies. They each have their unique role to play in our lives as women. Both have their own strengths and cannot be compared.

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