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A Brief Guide to Different Categories of Ice Skating
Feb 1, 2021

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There are five separate orders in serious figure skating: men’s singles, women singles, sets, ice moving and synchronized skating. Each control offers numerous levels for rivalry and testing, with each level structure on comparable procedures and holding fast to level-explicit standards and rules. Skaters are not restricted to one order and may decide to test and contend in various controls.


Structure, style, method, fixation and the capacity to perform under tension are the vital necessities in women and men’s singles occasions. At the more elevated levels, rivalry is isolated into two sections: the short program, which is skated first, and the free skate. The two projects show the style, physicality and ability inseparable from the game of figure skating and get a specialized score and a program part score from a board of judges.

The short program highlights required components which incorporate hop components, turn components and a stage succession. With less components to play out, the short program leaves less space for mistake, and skaters depend on clean exhibitions and high part scores to acquire focuses heading into the free skate.

The free skate, the second and longer fragment of rivalry, includes a more extensive arrangement of prerequisites and a greatest number of components a skater may perform. In the event that a skater performs more than the quantity of even program components allowed, there are no derivations, yet the skater won’t get acknowledgment for these extra components. After a skater finishes their free skate and gets a free skate score, that score is added to the short program score to decide generally speaking standings.


The sets occasion consolidates the physicality of singles skating with the test of harmony and the gymnastics of overhead lifts and tosses. Every development is acted as one, requiring a lot of timing and trust between accomplices. Like singles skating, sets rivalries incorporate a short program and a free skate, with each section accepting a specialized score and a segment score, and the group with the most focuses generally speaking is named the victor.

The sets short program comprises of a few required components including lifts, next to each other performance bounces done as one, toss hops, a stage arrangement and a demise winding. The free skate comprises of specialized abilities and movement that hotshot the qualities of the group. Shadow skating (in which accomplices perform indistinguishable moves some distance separated) and reflect skating (in which the pair’s moves are in inverse ways and mirror one another) are parts of sets skating and add to the general impact of a program.

Ice Dance

Like sets skating, ice dance includes a male and female skating as one, yet as opposed to performing bounce and turn components, the group finishes troublesome dance designs, step arrangements and moves while displaying outstanding translation of music and exact advances. With establishes in partner dancing, ice dance requires solid specialized skating abilities and superb musicality.

The ice dance rivalry comprises of two portions: a beat dance and a free dance. The musicality dance highlights required components, including lifts, step arrangements and pre-decided dance designs performed to a particular beat of music inside a necessary rhythm range. Each group will flaunt their specialized skating capacity and style as they attempt to procure the most focuses heading into the free dance.

The free dance, similar to the cadence dance, highlights step groupings, lifts and a wide determination of troublesome skating abilities, yet the group skates to a music and rhythm based on their personal preference, with an objective of pulling off an engaging, moving and rousing execution that looks easy regardless of its trouble. Inventive movement, timing and mood are principal. After the second fragment of rivalry, the scores from the mood dance and free dance are added together to decide generally situation.

Synchronized Skating

Synchronized skating is a group activity where eight to 20 skaters play out a program together as one. It utilizes similar making a decision about framework as singles, matches and ice dance, and is described by collaboration, speed, mind boggling developments and testing step successions. Similarly as with different controls, rivalry at the more significant levels incorporate two rivalry portions: a short program with required components and a free skate.

Components in synchronized skating incorporate squares, circles, wheels, lines, crossing points, move components, inventive components, no holds components, twists and combines moves. The assortment and trouble of components necessitate that each colleague is an exceptionally gifted individual skater. The average senior-level competitor has breezed through a senior or gold assessment in at any rate two orders.

While synchronized skating still can’t seem to turn into an Olympic game, it is extremely well known in the United States and around the planet, and is the quickest developing figure skating discipline in the country.

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