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Jun 21, 2020

Further to my article on day fifteen…THE LAWS OF LIFE

When we are not aware of the Laws of Life some events seem miraculous to us and we cannot understand why they happen; others seem normal, and we do not consider them important; but there are others that seem so absurd and unacceptable that we go so far as to consider the possibility that either God does not exist or is unable to administer human society.

What really happens, however, is that most people have not yet learnt how to recognise the Law and Perfect Order of the Universe.

This means that we are witnessing the result of the ignorance of many people who battle against the Laws of Life, wasting most of the opportunities they there are to learn how to reach high levels of human and social satisfaction.

Unawareness of the Laws of Life leaves an individual with very few chances of avoiding the situations that exceed their capacity for action, which on many occasions become repetitive, leaving them unable to do anything about it expect grumble and complain about their “bad luck”. In fact it is not bad luck, but just that they are experiencing the results of unconsciously disobeying the Laws of Life.

In the same way, we see that many people miss the best opportunities simple because they do not know how the Laws of Life operate. Being aware of the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Life enable us to develop the skill of Transmuting our destiny into mission, thus succeeding in turning adverse circumstances into opportunities for learning and teaching; voluntarily balancing our destiny and our mission, and in this way obtaining maximum benefit from the experience of life.

This skill is developed by learning how to recognise in our daily existence a number of clear indicators, inner ones – happiness, peace and love, and outer ones – relationships with others, health, resources and adaption.

There are numerous Laws of Life, but here we are going to focus on 14 main ones:

  1. The Law of Warning.

  2. The Law of Opportunity.

  3. The Law of Two or Law of Enquiry.

  4. The Law of Three (Perseverance vs. Stubborness.)

  5. The Law of Communicating Vessels.

  6. The Law of Cause and Effect.

  7. The Law of Saturation.

  8. The Law of Generation.

  9. The Law of Compensation.

  10. The Law of Sharing.

  11. The Law of Affinity.

  12. The Law of Empty Spaces.

  13. The Law of Option of Love.

  14. The Law of Understanding

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