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Jul 2, 2020

Further to my article on day twenty four…10. THE LAW OF SHARING

The appropriate information makes it possible to resolve all human problems. We should manage it as a loving service.

The management of universal information is hierarchical, as it always flows only in one direction: from the levels that have more information towards those that have less, since no one can give what they do not have or teach what they do not know.

Sharing and distributing information with the human hierarchies is governed by the Laws of Evolution and Correspondence of the Universe, which determine the appropriate use of the information.

For this reason, before giving information it is important to ascertain that it is really appropriate information, so as to share it in a manner that is sufficient, efficient and timely, for both the person giving it and for those who receive it.

When sharing (giving and receiving) information, people can find themselves in one of the following four situations:


When we think we know. Giving information from ignorance installs destiny. When the person who is giving the information thinks they know – that is, when they have not verified their information through satisfactory results obtained voluntarily; they are conveying false information, albeit with the best intentions.

However, when this happens it is because destiny has to be instilled in the mind of the person who is receiving the false information, so that they can perform for themselves the process of verifying the information, and thereby learn to cleanse their mind of all acquired limitations.

Blaming something or someone for our own results shows personal ignorance.


When we do not know. As soon a person recognises that they do not know, they become aware of their innocence and set about learning what they need, to obtain more satisfactory results both internally and externally, without battling against life or blaming anyone or anything for the mistakes they may make while they are learning.

Recognising innocence is the first step in a personal spiritual development. Involuntary result, whether external or internal, show mental innocence.


When we know. Giving information of wisdom is a service of love. When a person really knows they ascertain that their inner and outer results are totally satisfactory. Nothing can better serve a person than receiving information that helps them resolve their problems once and for all, finally enabling them to achieve total happiness, invulnerable peace, and to maintain the capacity for unconditional service.

All of these virtues will give them access to excellent relationships, perfect health, abundant resources, and the ability to intensely enjoy all that they do wherever they are.

Teaching what we know facilitates the development of our own mission.

4. We can give UNTIMELY INFORMATION for one of the following three reasons: By omission, by excess, or because we were not asked for it.

When someone does not ask for or accept the information they are offered, it is because it is not yet the right time for them to receive it; it will be necessary to wait until the Law of Saturation is fulfilled. It is also important, if our receiver accepts the information, for it to be sufficient, as well as understandable and logical for them, i.e. that it is not excessive.

The right moment for giving information they are offered, that is, when somebody consents to us advising them.

Understanding the information of love enables us to transcend every human limitation and achieve tremendous results in harmony. It is very important to bear in mind that the application of information as an action, whether it be for teaching or for the creation of goods, products or services, is always governed by the Law of Compensation.

On the foregoing basis, we reach the following conclusions:

When we recognise that we do not know, we can set about learning and opening the flow of wisdom information to us.

If we teach what we believe, we are multiplying our beliefs; whereas truth is not a belief, but a verified understanding.

We need to verify our correspondence in order to share: both omission and excess generate blocks. It is necessary to ask permission to share. Imposing, forcing and obliging generate resistance.

Sharing what we have verified in our own life experience is a service of love.


1. If the result is unsatisfactory; it is always involuntary.

2. If the result is satisfactory; it may be involuntary or not.

3. If the result is external; we have four management indicators: relationships, health, resources and adaption.

4. If the result is internal; we have three management indicators: happiness, peace and love (or unconditional service).

5. If the result is involuntary; it may be satisfactory or not.

6. If the result is voluntary; it is always satisfactory.

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