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How To Escape Being A Massage Therapist
Apr 16, 2020

Reading time 5 min.

Actually, it is quite easy.

It starts by becoming delusional.

And that started when I was a kid.

That’s when I strategically avoided such topics as:

1. Anatomy

2. Physiology

3. Pathology

4. Kinesiology

Why avoid?

Because I hated science.

Well, hard sciences like those 4 items listed above.

Which is why my degree is in Psychology and not anything related to hard sciences.

Worked great till I got into my mid 50’s and found myself enrolled in a school to become a Massage Therapist.


After graduation, my wife (also enrolled) and I opened our clinic Graceful Touch in Rapid City, SD.

The strange part here is the fact that I found myself loving hard sciences.

So much so in fact, that had I known early in life what I know today, I’d likely have gone this direction out of the gate.

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