Basic Spiritual Hygiene: Grounding and Shielding
Mar 30, 2020

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Let’s talk about basic spiritual hygiene, and it’s importance to your own being. Hygiene by definition is the “conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease…” and applies not only to physical health, but also to spiritual mind, body, and soul health. It is the basis of your being, we are all made of energy and inhabit the corporeal form on this earth.

Let’s start with grounding, and why it’s essential. Grounding is the process of calling your own energy back home, and reconnecting with the earth and cosmos to align your own energy with the universe and source. It is essential for everyone because energy is free flowing, and most of the time we are unaware of where our energy is or what energy is encroaching our own. Grounding allows us to just be still within our own energy, without outside influence or interference. The following steps detail how to ground yourself.

Find a relaxed position and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in and out.

Visualize a white light with golden sparkles entering the top of your head, going down into your feet and pushing everything that doesn’t belong out of your energy field.

Visualize a golden tether going from the top of your head, or crown chakra, shooting up into the cosmos.

As you breathe in, feel yourself pulling in the energy of the cosmos into your body. As you breathe out, send yourself and your own energy into the cosmos. Take several breaths, take your time.

Visualize a golden tether going from the base of your spine, or root chakra, shooting straight down into the center of the earth.

As you breathe in, feel yourself pulling in the energy of the earth into your body. As you breathe out, send yourself and your own energy into the earth’s core.

You are now grounded, and should do so at least twice a day.

The next important practice is called shielding, or creating barriers to access of your energy. Shields come in many shapes and forms, but as a baseline I will outline a simple but effective way to shield. For maximum efficacy, shield yourself directly after grounding.

Begin by envisioning a golden layer of energy surrounding your body.

Visualize a spectrum of frequency, and set the intention to keep out the lowest frequencies of energy via the layer of energy.

Layer the golden energy in sheets, over and over again until you have at least 10 layers. Give every layer a special purpose, choose what kind of energy you want to focus on keeping out.

These two elements make up the basic steps for good spiritual hygiene. They are the foundations you will build yourself upon.

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