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The Ultimate Guide To Microdosing

Apr 13, 2020
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Immediate or emergency medical care is often a result of high doses of illicit substances. Newbies or even experienced users, for that matter, make mistakes of taking heroic or moderate doses of recreational drugs like mushrooms and LSD/Acid. That’s why it is imperative to understand the concept of Micro dosing, as it helps in keeping you away from hallucinations, but increases the level of creativity, perspectives, and spirituality.

Micro dosing is a process of amalgamating sub-perceptual doses of recreational drugs - be it mushrooms or acid. While psilocybin, which is an active ingredient in shrooms, communicates with the receptors of the brain, taking microdoses of the drug can cause a neural change for over a year or so. Given below are some of the facts surrounding Micro dosing.

How much should you dose?

An individual needs to know the necessary details about the drug before investing in a specific recreational substance. While a heavy dose can cause extensive side-effects, low doses can alleviate specific ailment symptoms and, at the very same time, affect a user in a positive way. But how much is a microdose exactly?

An amount of 0.05 to 0.25 g of mushrooms is a microdose. With the help of a microdose, you will experience a potential increase in neuroticism. Moreover, increased empathy, sociability, motivation, appreciative thinking, etc. will affect your personality significantly. Such an amount of dose is ideal to attain these impactful effects.

Effects of shroom Microdosing.

People commonly consume mushrooms for recreational purposes, but with Microdosing, you can experience several effects throughout the day.

An enhanced creative sense in the morning

When the active ingredient binds to the brain receptors, it increases the artistic sense within. Such a process uplifts the inner you and helps you accept the art and unite with it.

Physical boost in the noon

While lifting weights, you would want to add more weights to the equipment. An increase in the physical state of your body will make you train more with a profound sense of focus.

Regulated emotional wellbeing in the evening

The communication between the drug, receptors, and cortex increases the emotional strength along with a considerable boost. Such an interaction blocks down the part of the brain that experiences most of the negative thought process. This helps Microdosing to reduce depression and makes you want to bond with people.

Increase in spirituality in the night time

Magic mushrooms let you open up the spiritual part of you. Because of an increase in spirituality, users tend to appreciate every life form. Such a process makes them unite with their existence.

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