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Mar 31, 2020

If we feel hate: it means that something or someone is actively diminishing us. Or it can also be said as hate towards our life is being lowered by someone or something.

Animals don’t hate, we are supposed to be better than them.

We of course feel bad when feeling hate, for the very reason that an active problem is present and it requires our attention to resolve then particular problem.

Hate is not an emotion to bottle up: to do so is very dangerous as it means you are bottling up an extremely negative process. Holding hate is something most people cannot do safely, and it quickly ends up re-projecting outward to then hurt many of those innocents around us.

Hate is just a composite emotion.

It’s a Judgement which always Directing Anger

A deeper part of the problem is that, anger itself is another composite emotion which is often a mix consisting of frustration and survival.

So a four letter word HATE, deals with four levels of emotions such as ANGER, FRUSTRATION, FEAR and ANXIETY.

With this information, it now becomes possible to work against hate from several different angles. The high-level process is: “when feeling hate: it’s time to begin a process of release.”

Since hate is a composite emotion, you can focus on the sub-elements first rather than the entirety of hate. For most people to work on the final entangled feelings are too complicated, and it quickly becomes a process of spinning around the issues rather than dealing directly with the roots of the problem. By focusing on the individual sub-elements, you can quickly unravel or release the hate all together. Which could hurt people who are just not at right position to understand it.

By focusing on the individual sub-elements, you can quickly unravel the hate all together.

Remove the judgements which drives the feelings of anger.

To move on with our own life without attachment to where our feelings of hate arise.

think out of the box ,create different perspectives on your interpersonal experience.

Sometimes being compassionate is to walk away without saying anything.

No need to answer , take a break. At times no answer is the best answer.

Take the time to focus releasing all of the anger.

it isn’t always easy to walk away from hate. However, due to the way humans mature, there are times when we’re energised to change. One example of this is midlife crisis.

At these moments, you have a limited window to push and make changes in your life.

Don’t waste these key moments of life where we’re energised to change. Your window to change will only be present for 2 or 3 years. Understand, It takes empowerment to change;

if you are in a situation where your power is being taken away, it is harder to walk away from hate. This sometimes means the first step to removing hate is empowering yourself and using your new power to drive away from the hate.

When encountering hate, examine the feelings surging in your core being. In smaller steps work to heal the damage, pain, anger, frustration, and judgments in play. If it isn’t possible to release the root aspects where the hate is stemming from, then release the full package by moving on with your life.

The world is a vast place with many answers;

Understand hate is a powerful emotion, (powerful enough to destroy nations as WWII showed) Hate exists for a reason, it’s an unconscious reaction to lash out at what seems to be harming or diminishing us. Hate isn’t something to ignore, or you can hope will go away. Unfortunately, you need to actively work at releasing this poison when it’s found digging into your soul.

Everlasting pain blinds our brain, which is toxic at end of the day, so let’s empower our self to walk away from hate. This is going to be a release mechanism or our new power to restore ourselves with only benefits and positive energy around us.

you won’t help anyone stuck trying to fix a problem you aren’t in a position to resolve positively.

In other words, hate can never be held: release hate, or it destroys the heart where it resides. Keeping to this emotion, only leaves destruction.

Hate is anger’s perception to destruction of our personal life and thoughts.

So when painful feelings of hate, be acutely aware and work towards discovering release, Being human we all will have felt this emotion at some point in our life, But also find it’s a lesson in how to release towards a better life.

Core-spirit teaches from a wide collection of tools that will help you find inner peace and release anger in very understanding and short manner based on your psychological stress and inner strength to overcome problems easily which are often addressing deeper truths require external assistance to gain new answers that rule out the internal conflict a person is having.

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