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Hypnosis is Mind Control

Apr 19, 2020

Hypnosis is mind control; there’s no way around it. Unfortunately, people don’t really understand what mind control is. That’s okay, because they don’t understand what hypnosis is either. Let’s take a look at what I really do using hypnosis, how it affects your mind, and how your mind can resist it.

When someone books me for online hypnotherapy and wishes to stop smoking, lose weight, or reduce their anxiety, they have a problem. Their problem is that they can’t control their mind. In this case, the task of the hypnotherapist is to control the person’s mind for them, and to teach them how to control it in the future.

But that’s not usually what people mean by mind control. What people usually mean by mind control is the ability of the hypnotist to take over the other person’s mind; to make them do things that they do not want to do. But isn’t that what I’m doing in therapy?

When a person comes to me for therapy, they have been trying to make changes with part of their mind. But the rest of their mind is resisting those changes. This is why smokers stop for a while and then start again. This is why people lose weight for a while, and then gain more. In order to perform even adequate therapy, I have to override those parts of their mind. In essence, I’m performing mind control.

Think about it for a moment: this is something that the person can’t even do for themselves. Yet in the space of an hour or an hour and a half, I am able to infiltrate their mind, and implant suggestions that completely override portions of their own brain/mind. In a way that’s frightening, yet there are limits on my power.

Because my power is incredibly limited. My only power is given to me by the people who hired me. They have come to me because their conscious mind wants change, and some portions of their unconscious mind are resisting those changes. They are willing to place their trust in me and follow my suggestions consciously as far as they are able.

Once the person has done that, they have opened up a pathway in which I can walk using the proper psychology. But it isn’t as easy as you might think! There is always a portion of the unconscious mind that acts as a buffer, or filter, or as I like to call it, the Guardian. The Guardian reviews each incoming input to the mind and decides whether or not to accept it, and whether or not to allow it access into the conscious or unconscious mind.

So, one of my greatest skills as a hypnotist is the ability to convince the Guardian of each of my subjects to accept my suggestions as being helpful and productive for the individual. More helpful and productive them whatever actions they’re currently doing. If I fail at this task, nothing else I do will work. But I’m damned good at it.

That’s why I’ve been running my business successfully for over 20 years. I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals using hypnosis, and helped thousands more to have a great time in stage shows. Because I’m really good at mind control.

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