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Jul 7, 2020

Further to my article on day 28… 14. THE LAW OF UNDERSTANDING

This is the Law that makes it possible to evaluate whether life’s tests have been transcended. Life never repeats a destiny situation that has already been understood.

There is no negative situations or circumstances, not bad people who want to cause us harm, these are often just situations, circumstances and people with whom we are correspondent for carrying out our learning processes, although we do not yet understand them or take advantage of them efficiently.

The only way of overcoming suffering, grudges, trauma, resentment, pain, illness and death once and for all, is by understanding what life’s experiences are teaching us.

The different situations that we face and the circumstances that surround them are designed by destiny to induce understanding and the development of consciousness; therefore when we succeed in understanding what a situation is teaching us, it immediately begins to disappear from our lives and will not happen again.

In any difficult situation we should ask ourselves: “What can I learn from this situation?” We may not find the answer immediately, and therefore the situation will continue to be present. But when we understand what life is really trying to teach us with difficult situations, we can use the tools of love, which will enable us to transcend personal destiny and all of the difficulties arising from it.

Understanding gives us the ability to use the seven tools of love.

We suggest using he tools of Love in order not to slip into the behaviours of the ignorant.


• Try to change others in order to feel good.

• Hide their incapacity behind their aggression.

• Run from the best opportunities that life offers them.

• Suffer in the face of the possibilities of learning to be happy.

• Blame others for their own results.

• Criticise and judge all that is different about them.

• They complain about what they have and suffer because of what they don’t have.

In contrast, people with wisdom enjoy learning, and see learning opportunities in difficult situations, and therefore they begin to experience a new life in which happiness, inner peace, and the capacity to serve and enjoy are independent of any event that happens around them.

Understanding the true meaning of life enables us to completely rearrange our memories of past experiences, as well as all of the processes of current existence, and create appropriate conditions for having an extraordinary future, filled with happiness, peace, abundance, prosperity, love and a state of total personal satisfaction and peaceful co-existence with all other beings in the Universe.

Anyone who is happy with what they have can be happy with everything.

There are no negative situations in the Universe, only learning situations, which are positive. All that is negative is the mental interpretation that the ignorant make of a learning opportunity. When a person faces what they consider “a problem”, in fact what they have before them is an opportunity to learn something about life, to find a solution to that difficulty.

In the world of matter and form there are no “bad” or “good” things, everything is neutral and necessary, and nothing happens to anyone that is not meant for them. The drama occurs when we face situations from emotion and ignorance, instead of understanding.

Destiny is an opportunity for us to develop spirituality, but if we do not seize it we will make dramas and tragedies grow around us.

The Laws of Life that have been explained here form part of the Laws of the Universe, but they are closer to us. The seven Laws of the Universe act constantly and simultaneously, whereas we can be governed or not by the Laws of Life depending on our understanding or lack of understanding.

However, ignorance of the Laws does not exempt anyone from the result; besides which, it is not enough to know them; we must be able to manage them through training.

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