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Backpacking on Motorcycle: List of Must-Have Accessories

Mar 13, 2020
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Traveling is undoubtedly one of the most fun and rewarding experiences to undertake. For motorcycle enthusiasts, combining the thrill of traveling with a love for motorcycles results in an experience that will push you both physically as well as mentally. Traveling long distances will not only challenge your abilities as a rider but will also test your mental capabilities. While this is an important journey to take, a smart rider will take precautions to make the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Thus, this list will highlight 8 must-have motorcycle accessories to help you through your journey.

1. Tools

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When it comes to automobiles, it is always a good idea to carry around tools to help you on the road. This may be to change tires, to pump air, or to change brake fluid, among other things. It is also advisable to carry a puncture repair kit. Furthermore, if your bike has an electrical socket, investing in an electric air pump would save you the time and effort of pumping in air manually. Thus, by being smart and carrying a small tool set, you can save yourself a lot of worry on the road and ensure that you can manage the bare minimum without assistance.

2. Extra Bags

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The design of a backpack can also affect the way you ride. Sadly, the design of a motorcycle does not allow it to carry a large amount of luggage. As you will be traveling for long distances, it is normal to have a decent amount of baggage. An effective way to tackle this is to choose bags that are suitable for the journey and to help you with extra luggage. For example, saddlebags can distribute weight equally on either side of the bike. Thus, you do not need to wear them on your shoulder while riding. Apart from this, investing in straps and tie downs is also a good way to improve your carrying capacity.

3. Comfort Gear

Making sure you are comfortable while riding also helps to stay focused. One of the best ways to ensure this is by keeping your body and the exposed flesh protected from the outside elements. Thus, whether is it the heat or the cold, some important motorcycle backpacking accessories to include would be earplugs, held gloves, and neck gaiters. Apart from this, staying hydrated is also an important aspect of riding. Getting a hydration backpack would be extremely useful to fulfill this. The pack supplies you with liquid through a tube that comes in at the bottom of the helmet. Thus, you need not stop every few minutes to enjoy a sip of water or any other hydrating liquid. Carrying cleaning fluid for mirrors and visors is also an important practice as you do not want anything hampering your visibility while on the road.

4. Battery Pack

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This is one of the most important motorcycle backpacking accessories. Phones are extremely helpful devices while backpacking. Apart from Google Maps, there are a ton of apps that you can download and utilize to help you through the journey. Even though some travelers would like to disconnect while traveling, it is still a good idea to keep your phone handy in case of emergencies. Thus, a battery pack is an essential item for any motorcyclist.

5. First Aid Kit

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‘Safety first’ is probably the mantra of any experienced motorcyclist or traveler. Investing and carrying a first aid kit that is well-equipped is one of the most essential things for any type of backpacking experience. This could come in handy not only for yourself but also for anyone else you might encounter on the road. Ensure that you also include medication for sickness and things that you are allergic to as you may unknowingly come into contact with them. Additionally, it is also advisable that you carry a spare key for your motorcycle.

6. Hard Cash

This is a no-brainer for any experienced traveler. Carrying a little extra cash is an important practice in case of emergencies. Many places that you may visit while traveling may not accept cards and may not have cell reception for you to access online payment options. An important point to remember about carrying cash is to never store it all in one place. In case of an unfortunate event that you lose your wallet, the cash stored elsewhere may be used to get yourself the necessary help.

7. Lights

While riding at night is difficult by itself, a broken headlamp could make matters even worse. Thus, it is always a good idea to invest in a headlamp or other auxiliary lamps to ensure that you have enough illumination while riding.

8. Dry Foods and Kitchen Items

If you are taking a trip which may involve pitching a tent at certain points, it is important that you carry food and certain kitchen items to keep you energized. It is common to feel pangs of hunger on the road. Thus, carrying dry foods, like instant noodles, and items, such as a pan, thermos, etc. is a good idea. Furthermore, you should also try to buy a durable tent and a comfortable sleeping bag to ensure that you are well-rested during your journey.

Apart from the items mentioned above, it is important that you carry essential documents, identity proof, and emergency contact details with you while you travel. While these motorcycle backpacking accessories will surely help you on your journey, the most important advice that we could give you is to be mentally and physically prepared for the experience. Thus, we hope that this list helps you fulfill your backpacking goals and brings you safely from one destination to the next.

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