Four Ways to Show Your Creative Side as a Man
Jan 27, 2020

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As the new year begins, you might want to start showing off your appearance a little more. Maybe you resolved to dress better or be more social, and wardrobe improvements can help. You might be afraid to look too fancy, though: men are often told by society to not show off or dress too eccentrically. A nice pair of khakis or a suit can be great, but you want more than that. In 2020, reward yourself and push those boundaries with some tips on how to show off your creative side.

Opt for an Accent Piece

You don’t have to scream “creative” from your head to your feet all the time. Especially if you’re new to creative dressing, it’s okay to start small. Find one piece of clothing that you can substitute for a creative alternative. Wear a skinny tie instead of a regular tie. Show off your fun side with some cuffed pants and a pair of novelty socks. Turn heads with a fun hat. The world is your oyster!

The best thing about creative accent pieces is that you can wear them with a number of outfits. Reuse that patterned shirt with different pants, shoes or even a blazer to create a whole new aesthetic. You can mix it up in new and exciting ways with just a few stylish pieces in your closet.

Layer Up

Layering men’s clothes is a great, easy way to show some style without breaking the bank or even getting too controversial. Put a cardigan on over that button-up or even wear a vest with a t-shirt. Combine a shirt, a blazer and a scarf for an instant three-layer look. You can do it with things already in your closet!

When layering men’s clothes, pay attention to the way the patterns, shapes and colors work together for a boost of style. Being creative pays off! You can even break the rules a little, but be careful not to completely ignore them: they’re there for a reason, after all.

Look Around

Your best looks don’t have to come entirely from you! Creative men know that inspiration can come from anywhere. If you see another man, or even a woman, wearing something you like, make a mental note. Try light-washed jeans or other trendy fashions you may see on the street. Even things like art, movies and architecture can inspire you with color, form and pattern.

The biggest thing about taking inspiration is to make it your own. If you wear someone else’s look, you’ll look like someone else. You want to take something, change it and create something new, not copy it exactly. Take elements you like from the clothing of others and add your own personal twist. You’ll come away happy with an exciting new look that’s just yours.

Do It Yourself

Do you know how to sew or knit? If not, there’s no time like the present to learn! Modifying your own clothing can be a great way to get new looks out of old pieces. If you’re not happy with those pants or that shirt anymore, modify them into something new and unique. You can even combine multiple pieces of clothing together into something no one’s ever seen before.

Modifying your old clothes is a great way to dress in a sustainable way, too. Instead of buying new clothes, make something cool out of your old outfits for an instant fashion boost that’s as good for the planet as it is for your wardrobe.

Men are told they have to dress professionally, which can often be boring, but this isn’t the case. You can show off your creativity while still being stylish and attractive. Simply show off your style with some subtle twists, creative modifications and outside inspirations for a totally unique look that won’t break the bank. With what you already have, you can make a great look that people will admire.

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