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7 signs that you have special talents
Aug 15, 2022

There is no reason why he or she will be more charming, and has more observational ability. The one who has the incredible ability will have this kind of hand image.

  1. Popularity Line
    This is the diagonal line on the moon mount. It is welcomed by the men, women and elderly and youngster. It can be called as adoring line. The more this line is, the more the owner will be adored by others.

  2. Barley Line
    It appears at the first knuckle. Its shape is just like the eyes of the people. It will appear on the people that have the exquisite emotion. The owner is protected by its ancestor.

  3. Solomon Ring
    It appears on the Jupiter mount at the bottom of the Jupiter finger. It represents that the owner has the skyrocket fate. The owner has the leading position in the inborn life. He or she will be easier to have the sublime goals.

  4. Natural Gift Line
    It is a diagonal line that is situated between the Jupiter finger and the middle finger. The owner is natural and rustic. It is the characteristic of all outstanding people. It is also called the PR line.

  5. Girdle of Venus
    It is the curved line below the middle and ring fingers. The owner loves beautiful things. He or she has the good knowledge of the aesthetic sense. The owner will have the great passion for the opposite sex.

  6. Island on the heart line
    This is the island under the sun mount on the heart line. The owner is charming and flexible. He or she can see the deepest layer of the person.

  7. Intuition line
    It is the line that runs vertically on the outer edge of the palms. It is a curved line that runs from the moon mount to the mercury mount. The owner who has good intuition line will have the sense of the things in advance of most of the people.

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