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7 effective ways to regain your energy when you feel exhausted or disorganized.

Sep 21, 2023

Yes, there are times when people feel exhausted or they like their energy is draining. It is quite natural. You do not have to seek some professional every time to recover yourself from negative energy. Where there is positive energy, there's negative energy too. But we should know the natural and authentic ways to deal with these negative emotions or thoughts and reverberate ourselves with positive and productive energies.

What is the meaning of the term " Disorganized"?
Well, talking in psychological terms, " Disorganized" means to feel yourself not in a proper way or not having a definite or concentrated form of energy. In simple words, when we say we are feeling disorganized, it generally means that we are feeling shattered or confused. Not having the amount or kind of energy that we actually want! If someone is aware enough to feel that way, then CONGRATULATIONS! Your heart is still alive. You can navigate your energy levels. You can mean your own emotions. On top of that, you know that certain emotion or energy is not your real thing. That whether it actually belongs to you or not.

So, step by step, we will learn 7 effective ways to percolate your energy levels. I want to add something here, that these 7 ways are my own ways of regaining and now I am sharing them with my readers. Here we go!

  1. Go outside and take some real light;**
    Here what I mean by real light is " Sunlight". One should know how much sunlight is important to him. The light we receive indoors is made up of certain artificial materials. Further, if I am not wrong, these materials sometimes are also radioactive. Like we have already known about the presence of radioactive Radon-222 gas inside buildings or homes. Such man-made or artificial things really drain our energies. Let me add something interesting here, when we come into contact with another thing or individual who has less amount of energy than us, energy transfer takes place from a high concentration to a low one. So, if you feel your energy is draining, then simply let your body have contact with a high energy-containing entity. The same is the case for sunlight. Energy travels from high to low concentration and hence you're intelligent enough to absorb this point of mine. Taking sunlight doses on a daily basis is also a habit of self-healing people.

2. Listen to music;
Now, music is also a form of energy. The study of music patterns is called Cymatics. Music has an effect on our brain frequencies. If you study the effects of music or sound on the energy density or modulation of our brain, you will come to know that music actually causes us to think clearly and productively. It also helps to boost our mood which in turn increases our natural energy levels.
3. Take a nap;**
Sometimes, taking a nap is all that we need. It refreshes our neural connections and brings productivity. Our brain is somewhat like a machine with lots of parts functioning all the time. Even when we are sleeping our brain is still functioning. But we can reduce the capacity or burden of its function to some extent by sleeping. When the brain is tired, the clearest and simplest thing even looks intricate or complex. So, whenever you feel that you are not able to concentrate on something important don't worry. Just take a nap for a while and relax yourself. Your energy will be restored when you wake up after some time. It is also one of the most effective habits of successful or productive people.

4. Dress the way you want;
The way a person dresses shows his mental state and creative capabilities. Every person has a unique dress code. He likes to wear whatever his heart wants to. The way you dress creates a specific aura of you and it also boosts your energy level. So, whenever you feel disorganized or drained, just let yourself dress the way you like. No matter what other people will think about your fashion sense. It's always YOU that matters! And the truth is that a person looks more confident and energetic when he is happy with whatever he's wearing. Some like loose fits while some like skinny dressing. It's always your choice.

5. Successful people often feel disorganized;
Yes, it's true. Most of the time the people who look very confident and arduous with their lives often feel such states. Well, there are certain reasons behind that. Why do successful people suffer more from depression than ordinary people? I have covered this topic in my other article. You can read this whole article by following this link: “From Triumph to Turmoil: 7 Factors Contributing to Depression in Successful People”.
6. Set up a definite routine;**
Daily routine mastery is most of the time difficult but not impossible. There is a famous quote. Unfortunately, I don't remember the writer of this quote but this quote states " Discipline takes you to the places where motivation cannot go". This quote is like a gust of wind to the people who do not know what is the thing they are lacking in achieving their dreams. Yes, that's true. Discipline is more needed than motivation itself. A person cannot always remain motivated but discipline keeps him on the boundary of achieving his dream. Being so motivated at one time also causes you to become demotivated at the other time. Because the law of conservation of energy always follows. So, it is important to maintain a stable energy level configuration in your life so that you will feel motivated and disciplined at a time. These two factors when combined never let your energy be drained.

7.Be yourself!
Our last effective way is the most effective way. It is my favorite way. If you're feeling that your energy is draining or you are not at your best. Then, do nothing. If you do not want to take naps do not want to have a definite routine, or do not want to become active, just do nothing! Believe in yourself and be yourself. Do whatever makes you happy, gives you inner peace, and causes you to enjoy your life. That's most important. It can be painting a picture writing some philosophy or maybe watching some reels on Instagram or praying to God. Do whatever makes you feel like yourself. And here we end today's article 7 energy boosting ways.

In light of all the above discussion, we just want you to enjoy this article while reading and learn something new and helpful from it. If you like my article and if it really proves helpful to you then please let me know in the comment section. It will also be one of the 7 ways for me to boost my energy level. Thanks my readers for reading this to that end.

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