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May 9, 2020


Unit FOUR: Time To Improve

• Everyone needs a mentor.

• Why you do you need a mentor?

• How they can help you achieve your goals.

• How to give your imagination a chance.

• How to achieve your dreams / goals.

• Putting a plan together to achieve your dreams.

• How working together through a plan improves your confidence.

A mentor is somebody who will get more out of you than you thought possible; because they are not limited by your fears. They can project their imagination into your life.

• Give your imagination a chance.

• What do you really want to do? Write them all down into a book.

• Make mental pictures of yourself obtaining this goal.

• Draw sketches or make a dream board pasting on pictures to stimulate the imagination.

A dream is a goal!

• Write down your goal.

• Break then down into smaller goals.

• Add dates to the completion of each goal.

Your imagination can see the entire goal completed but your mind cannot cope with trying to obtain the final goal all at once!

• It can however, cope with trying to obtain smaller parts of your goals, one at a time.

• “Possibility” thinkers must work out how to manage problems;

• “Impossibility” thinkers are managed by their problems.

Researching the main goal is extremely important because the goal is about to become your hobby; and your hobby your research. It is all tied together.

Whatever it is that you want to do – ensure that you have done all the relevant research first.

Make a decision to do it, and then work out a plan of action.

• This will give your confidence to achieve your goals, because confidence breeds confidence and raises excitement that you can’t wait to get out there to fulfil your goals.

• Decide on a date.

• Write down your ‘Mission Statement’ and then fulfil it!

Take the product; divide it up into steps in order to see what it takes to make that produce.

• If the problem is bigger than you, you have to go up to the level of the issues / person who is on the same platform /chain of command as the issue at hand and then ask for assistance in order to eradicate your problem. You have to actually find someone who is ABOVE where the problem sits.

• You need to utilise people who are smarter than you in different areas to obtain your goals.

• Decide when you are going to start.

• Give yourself dates for accountability purposes.

• Declare it, make yourself accountable to other people, then you will most definitely get there!

Once you work on an opportunity like this, you gain confidence. It really helps bring some excitement; and confidence breeds confidence in others!


QUESTION ONE: Who could you ask to be a mentor? To meet once a month free of charge to bounce your goals off.

QUESTION TWO: How much time have you been giving yourself each week to quietly sitting by yourself, merely using your imagination?

Hours, minutes per week.

QUESTION THREE: What new project are you prepared to start?

QUESTION FOUR: List ten steps that will take you closer achieving your goal and when you could complete them.

Steps Date

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