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May 13, 2020

Dear Core Spirit Family

I am dedicating this weeks reading to all the Indigos and Light Workers Of The World. (being an Indigo myself).

We should use all the available energies this week for self-reflection. It is easy for us to look back at our past actions and feel guilt for the way we have upset others through our actions.

We have been designed to fight against that which no longer serves humanity; and this requires nothing more than being ourselves.

We have a “Divine Mission” to fulfill; that is to help the Earth. L et’s use this opportunity to release our fears, and build up a healthy level of self confidence.

We need to guide our decisions based on our “Life’s Purpose”. This is a time to turn away from our fears and in doing so; we can be rest assured that we will be guided to our “Highest Potential”. We have already been encoded with a “knowing of what we need to do” in order to move forward.

We need to begin to really trust in ourselves and the Divine Order of the Universe. Only good comes out of believing in ourselves and trusting our intuition.

The following aspects and reading will encourage us to rise to the occasion as we have a mammoth task to break through the barriers of old; and to restore a semblance of order to allow new energy to rain on our beautiful planet, Mother Earth.


Numerology of the week: 5

A time for change and freedom to choose; being free from restrictions and limitations.

Astrology for the week:

The Super Moon in Scorpio (last one for the year), is still having an adverse effect us. The Moon shines on all the dark areas that need to be eradicated from our lives. This is causing sadness because it is difficult to let go of the past.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money went retrograde yesterday and will be retracing its steps for the first time since 2018. This gives us the opportunity to “Rethink the Meaning of Our Lives”. This transit is connected to that of Karma. We will be given the opportunity to address the past. This is a time of healing. If confronted with past flames, know that this is a test to see if we are ready to move on. LET THEM GO!! This transit will be in effect until 24th June 2020.

Jupiter goes retrograde in Capricorn as from tomorrow so we can expect some challenges during this period, with special emphasis placed on our Spiritual Lives. (Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck and optimism). We may need to rethink our entire belief systems and see how we fit into being part of the Universe; freeing ourselves from old, out dates ways of thinking. This transit will bein effect until the 12th September 2020.


Is related to our ambitions and dreams and connects to our spiritual nature as well. Wands are all about action, making something more out of our lives, holistic understanding and intuition; truth seeking and will.


Rules the mind. They are our internal principles (mind, thoughts, communication).

Overall Energy for this spread (this is what we can achieve if we put our minds to it).

Two of Wands

We will soon be faced with various options becoming available to us; there will be different paths for us to navigate. We need to rein ourselves during this period, whilst weighing all the pros and cons in order to lay out the groundwork before we take action.

This is the time for us to get out of our comfort zones and ready ourselves for Personal Growth. This is a time to discover ourselves, as not all who wonder are lost!

We need to let go of the Past by adhering to the advice of the Three of Swords

This is simply a crappy card; one of heartbreak, sadness and betrayal. Seeing that this week deals with re-addressing our past, we are encouraged to acknowledge the pain and not to fight against it. We will get through it even if we are currently feeling alone. We need to let go of the past completely in order to all “Newness” to enter our lives. This card is in the past so this is a clear indication of moving forward

Where we are right now, The Present: Eight of Swords

We find ourselves feeling trapped, confused with no escape in sight. This is typically due to the Lockdown. It will have an adverse effect on our thoughts. A lot of us with be dealing with internal struggles, but this is merely an illusion and using the energy available to us from the Super Moon, we are able to shine light on the darkest recesses of our minds, hence freeing ourselves and changing our thought patterns towards the future.

What to look forward to The Future: Knight of Wands

This is an indication of very swift energy moving towards us. Get ready to embrace new opportunities as they present themselves to us. This is a time for us to use our originality and our integrity by following our own passions, and allow them to guide us to our Lifeworks.

Without a question, we are being asked to use our own unique brand of magic to manifest our happiness, whatever they may be to allow Personal Freedom and Newness to enter our lives and to that of the World at Large.

Let’s keep our souls connected to the Laws of the Universe and look away from fear and negativity. We are equipped to push through dire, hopeless situations. Let’s do what we were born to do…

Blessings, Love And Light to All…

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