6 Ways to cure the oily skin in any weather
Oct 4, 2019

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Makeup is around since the days of Cleopatra. But nowadays all that shimmer and shine seem to hurt. We consider the minimal matte look as healthy and chic. And an oily face could make you look odd and out of fashion. Moreover, in this social butterfly world, with oily skin, one has to filter the glares and shiny spots in photos. Oily skin could cause clogged pores, pimples, acne, and a rough-scratched face. So, whether one wears makeup or not, it is necessary to cure the oily skin.

Let us first look into the causes of this condition. Beneath our skin, we have the sebaceous glands the secrete oil (sebum). This oil keeps our skin hydrated and healthy. It comes out through the pores in the skin. The sebaceous glands are more concentrated in the facial skin and scalp. For some people, the quantity of secretion is high, and some tend to have large pores resulting in greasy skin. Weather is also an influencing factor. Thus based on the underlying causes, one has to treat the oily skin. Below we discuss the tips for a fresh face having the optimum oil level, that is natural and healthy:

Use oil-free, anti-shine primers, and normalizing shampoos:

We try to hide the oily skin with makeup. But when the ingredients of the foundation combine with sweat and oil, it becomes the perfect recipe for pimples and rashes. After cleansing, use an oil skin solution that gently exfoliates the skin and fight bacteria. You should go for products that don’t clog the pores but decrease the pore size. These products act as primers and don’t allow the chemicals of the makeup to react with the skin.

People with oily skin mostly tend to have oily scalps too. So, one has to check it and use a suitable shampoo. Keeping the hair away from the face would be a practical method for avoiding pimples and blemishes.

Do not wash the face often in summers:

In summers we sweat a lot. The face looks oily. But this does not imply that you need to wash your face frequently. Too much washing can strip the moisture away. As a response to less moisture, the sebaceous glands will produce more oil. It is count-productive. To combat oiliness, one should go for oil-free moisturizers. Blotting sheets are the must-have products during summer. They absorb the excess oil and do not disturb the makeup too. One should have a consistent washing schedule; like once in the morning and once before going to bed at night.

Keep the bacteria at bay during the rainy season:

If summers invite the grease, rains bring the infections. In the rainy season, the humidity levels are very high. It implies that there are plenty of chances to get pimples and acne. So, cleansing the face is essential. It removes the upper layer dirt. Neem based cleansers are of great help. Toners are also must-have products. They maintain the correct pH level of the skin and do not allow bacterial actions.

Use sunscreens for the skin and hydrate your body when it rains:

Cloudy sky does not mean that the skin is safe from the sun rays. You must go for SPF-infused matte moisturizers to get rid of the oily t-zones and protect the skin too. The makeup lovers should go for lightweight and water-proof products. Though one may not feel like having lots of water, it is necessary to detoxify the body and clear the skin.

Do not relax the skincare regimen during winters:

Winters are a nightmare for people with dry skin. The humidity levels are low, and the chill winds appear to make the ever oily face dry. You may be using less blotting tissue on the t-zones. It does not imply a break from the skincare routine. Remember, that the dry skin will make the sebaceous glands work harder. It would lead to increased oil secretion. One needs to cleanse, tone, and moisturize as usual. But people with oily skin, should not opt for richer and creamier products like petroleum jellies.

Chemical exfoliators are the must-have in winters:

One has to be careful with scrubs and exfoliators in winter. Even with oily skin, certain parts of your face may be dry and chapped. Physical scrubs are too harsh for the dry surface. They could break and causes scratches. So, one has to go for gentle exfoliators like beta hydroxy acids(BHAs). They dissolve the dirty upper layer and gently remove the dead cells. The word chemical need not ring an alarm. There are safe products that are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Whatever be the season, an oily skin remains an oily skin. You cannot change the nature of your skin. Go for products that suit your skin type. Also, one has to remove the makeup before sleeping. If left on the face, the makeup products mix with dirt and oil, leading to clogged pores. The oil-skinned people should not skip moisturizers too. They filter out UV rays and prevent the skin from pollutants. Please remember to modify the skin-care method based on the weather. One can consider washing bedsheets, and pillow covers frequently. It ensures less accumulation of dirt on your skin.

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