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6 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Self-Care Night
Apr 7, 2020

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As exciting as a night on the town can be, a drama-free evening at home is just as fun. In fact, spending a few precious hours pampering yourself can be an excellent way to alleviate stress, better preparing you for future engagements. Here are 6 ways you can make a quiet night in the perfect opportunity for self-care.

1. Throw on a Face Mask

It isn’t uncommon to experience breakouts when stressed, but this fact shouldn’t get you down. Often, the effects of oily skin can be easily remedied with a face mask. Clay masks in particular draw out toxins from the skin while minimizing pores and increasing circulation. Listening to relaxing music or utilizing a few precious moments of silence can increase the benefits of your mask as it sets. Pass the time by breathing deeply, avoiding excess thoughts that might get you stressed. This time is for you, not all your pesky thoughts. Once you feel satisfied the mask has hardened, this typically occurs within 10 to 15 minutes, gently rinse with warm water and move on to the next step.

2. Relax With a Warm Bath

Another great way to get the most out of your self-care night is with a bath. Indeed, a soothing soak before bed can often improve your quality of sleep, better preparing you for another busy day. Throwing some sea salt in the water will not only ease your aching muscles, decreasing tension, but will also increase circulation. Lighting a few candles will create an atmosphere even more conducive to relaxation.

Not a fan of the bath? A long shower in candlelight can be just as therapeutic. To intensify your enjoyment, try an invigorating sugar scrub or moisturizing hair mask.

3. Slip Into Something a Little More Comfortable

Not much feels better than a fresh pair of cozy jammies, so why not jump into them early? Grabbing pajamas straight out of the dryer can be an excellent way to kick off the evening in comfort. Whether you prefer something soft, sheer, or down-right silly, enjoying your evening gets even easier when you’re dressed for the occasion.

4. Reap the Relieving Benefits of CBD

While not psychoactive like its fellow cannabinoid, THC, CBD has myriad health benefits. Feeling stressed? CBD has been known to relieve anxiety by influencing the way receptors in your brain respond to current serotonin levels, naturally alleviating symptoms of stress. Indeed, taking cbd oil also reduces inflammation, making this treatment especially favorable for those suffering from arthritis and autoimmune deficiencies. Careful to determine the appropriate dose for you, ingesting CBD will increase your relaxation level without impairing judgement or state of mind.

5. Watch Some Stand-Up Comedy

Everyone loves a jokester, which is great with all the streaming sites filled with hilarious performances for your viewing pleasure. A night dedicated to self-care is the perfect opportunity in which to enjoy 1 or 12. Remember, laughter is a powerful medicine, so don’t miss out by settling on something dramatic. Tonight is supposed to be fun, not theatrical.

6. Wind Down With a Good Book

A night in can be the perfect excuse to lose yourself in a good story. Treat this reading time as the favorable experience it’s meant to be by settling in somewhere comfortable. Also, make sure you have everything you need nearby to avoid unnecessary interruptions. Pour yourself a glass of wine or brew a cup of tea before you start. Get your blankets out early, and make sure to silence your phone. You’re setting this time aside for quiet, so don’t make it easy to be pulled away!

In short, your special evening should be all about good times, and nothing says good times like a night of self-care. Whether it’s a nice soak, a hilarious performance, or a great read enjoyed in cozy PJs, get the most out of your night by doing what leaves you most relaxed.

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