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Jul 1, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
Reading time 4 min.

Greetings Core Spirit Family

If you are feeling anything remotely as I am, then you have both my sympathies and my blessings. This energy is affecting my poor ears like I have never felt before. It is extremely dense. I have felt a shift out of epic proportions and am 100% certain that you know exactly what I am referring to.

July is the beginning of a brand new cycle, this one is going to be the toughest that us humans have yet been exposed to within our lifetime. It’s make, or break time! Nothing has the ability to prevent “Evolution”, and the greatest part of this entire journey is the absolute clarity we have from the Universe. The “Spiritual Connection” has never been stronger. The communication we are receiving has never been louder.

We are in for a time or our lives. This is what we came here to do. It’s “kick arse time”…

Angel number 111 made an appearance in this reading and is advising us to remain aware of our persistent thoughts and ideas as these are manifesting quickly into our reality. We need to ensure that our beliefs, thoughts and mind sets are positive and optimistic in order to draw the energies of abundance and balance into our lives.


1. What we need to accomplish this month: Archangel Michael

This card is an indication that Archangel Michael would like to work with us and our divine mission; he is available to us simultaneously and he is unlimited and nondenominational. He helps anyone who asks, especially if you have a life’s purpose to help the Earth (which all Indigos do).

As the giver of strength, Archangel Michael reminds us of our role on Earth. He helps us release fear and have a healthy level of self-confidence. Call upon him anytime you are afraid, and know that you are immediately protected by the grave of Heaven.

Ask Archangel Michael to guide your decisions based on your purpose, instead of fear, and rest assured that he will lead you to your highest potential. Whenever you feel alone, afraid or vulnerable, allow the power of this magnificent angel to bring a comforting sense of protection to you.

2. What we are currently experiencing in our attempts to reach our goals: Show Appreciation

It’s common for Indigos to get caught up in their own lives that they forget to show others around them just how much they mean to them.

Although we may not realise it our friends and loved ones are human. They have feelings and emotions, just the same as we do. We are being urged to offer and express gratitude to the special people in our lives.

This card also asks you to shift your focus away from what you lack in life, and instead appreciate all that you do have and all that you have accomplished. When you can get in touch with this higher part of yourself, many more of your dreams will come true.

3. What may be a challenge to us this month (our unconscious hurdles): Self-care

We need to make sure that we are not giving to the point of creating lack in our own lives. As Indigos we feel compassion for the world because of our Divine Mission.

As a result we sometimes become generous to a fault. We may not see this as a problem, but we really need to be aware of our own needs in life. We need to make sure that we are doing enough for ourselves so that we do not suffer due to our own generosity!

Allow yourself to feel how great it is to have your needs met, and trust that those around you are guided by their angels to ensure that all of theirs are taken care of, too.

You are here on Earth to help, but you are not everyone’s problem solver. The greatest gift you can give others is asking their angels to awaken and guide them to their unique purpose.

4. The type of action we would need to take to achieve our target this month: Allow Love

When rules are imposed on us, when we are faced with disciplinary action and when the one’s closest to us get upset, we may often feel rejected. It is our role as Indigos to question rules and to ask “Why?” when situations seem unfair – this will never change!

This card invites us to see that although some things feel unjust, there are some people who are looking out for our best interest. In order for us to live and succeed society, certain rules will always have to be followed. When the people in our lives correct our behaviour, sometimes it’s because they love us and want the best for us.

If you sit and meditate, you’ll know whether this is true for your present situation. Your role in this world will be shown to you clearly. Your job now is to make sure you do what is asked in order to be a productive member of society – the same society you are meant to re-create!

5. The kind of result we can expect this month if we follow this route: You Are Safe

We are completely protected within our mission, and even though we may feel vulnerable, the angels want us to know that allowing us to become preoccupied with our fears only serves to reinforce them.

Your sensitive Indigo body and energy are magnets. Although it’s easy to absorb and hold on to other people’s energy, the angels want to work with you as a team to clear and shield your body, your home and your world at large.

Let’s continue fighting this fight as the true warriors we are. In saying that, let’s also remain humble and aware of other people’s feelings, not their opinions as they are entitled to those (waste of energy to counteract those). We also need to remove our ego from all equations as this is the time to work as a team; as a support structure, to allow the Universe to deliver the “Magic”…

Blessings love and light to all; until next time.

Tania Padley
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