Oneness Concepts
May 1, 2020

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The goal of Oneness is to reconnect you with God, YHWH, Divine Source, Great Spirit – or the name that you use to describe the Universal Oneness that is the source of all – and to help you get back in touch with that Spirit. I say “back” because we are all born with that strong Oneness connection. We know this when we are children. Some very lucky people carry this knowledge with them throughout their whole life. However, many of us are “societized” out of it and live our lives in “duality” – right/wrong, good/bad, us/them.

The objective is for you to rediscover the grand plan for your life and to realize that you are not just out there flailing on your own. The Bible, in John 15:5, quotes Jesus as saying, “I am the vine and you are the branches.” This is a very powerful statement addressing the concept of Oneness. We are all part of the plant or complete entity. We cannot separate ourselves from the rest of the plant without dying. When we acknowledge our Oneness, we move from simply surviving (subsisting in a day-to-day existence of consuming nutrients, exhaling carbon dioxide and watching the world go by) to truly living.

There are many ways to achieve Oneness, through many different methods – for example: meditation, Shamanic journeying, healing modalities, practices of organized religions, etc.

The concepts and methods you will read about in this book are in no way a religion in the formal, accepted definition, although the ideas are addressed throughout various religions. I offer them as enhancements to your existing practices, whatever they may be.

Returning to Oneness with the Divine Source will allow you to grow and flourish with the knowledge that you are not alone. As your Oneness connection grows, you will consistently begin to recognize that the Divine Source is in all, both the “good” and the “bad.”

Excerpt from my book, My Journey Back to Oneness

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