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Boosting Your Confidence Through Men’s Footwear
Mar 20, 2020

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Men’s fashion has evolved significantly over recent years. Here’s a look at some ways that men’s footwear is changing for the better as well some ideas about how to make more fashionable, expressive, and comfortable shoe choices.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Uncomfortable shoes that hurt your feet and aren’t meant for walking are undoubtedly the worst type of fashion misstep a person can make. History will probably look back some of women’s current footwear choices and liken it to foot-binding. While it’s certainly more noticeable in women’s fashion trends, men have also frequently fallen victim to outmoded notions about putting appearance before form in footwear. This miscalculated effort to look good can sometimes end up making you look a lot worse or even flat-out ridiculous, and it makes getting through any part of your day much harder than it needs to be. Your footwear needs to be designed to help you get where you’re going. It doesn’t make sense to buy any type of footwear that will ever be a hindrance to your gait. Everyone, men and women alike, should wear comfortable footwear all the time.

People are starting to wake up to common sense about wearing smart and comfortable shoes and sneakers. Men’s fashion norms are changing to put comfort first, and the consensus is that the comfiest shoes are always going to be the right shoes. Shoes still have to complement your style, and, of course, they need to match your outfit. What does it mean, though, for shoes to really match? The norms are getting more color-inclusive, and matching shoe choices have gone from black and brown to everything. Rich tans and earth tones, vibrant metallics, and even bold color contrasts like black and white have broadened the array of options. Introducing some striking color to your footwear will call attention to them while still creating a look that’s polished and refined.

Wear Your Sneakers with Everything

Can you wear sneakers with a suit and still look like a boss? Absolutely. The right sneakers, in good condition, can make a suit look cooler and more confident. Men’s fashion is pushing the norms because your sneakers aren’t just for athletics anymore; you can wear them throughout your workday. Cool sneakers make any type of outfit cooler, even when you’re wearing something that isn’t typically associated with sneakers. Nevertheless, you need to choose the right caliber and quality of sneaker and not something that makes it look like you just rolled into a conference room on a skateboard. Above all, you need to avoid designer imposters, cheap and synthetic materials, and eyesore colors.

High top sneakers tend to make a particularly powerful statement. High quality men’s hightop sneakers are basically like the boots of sneakers. They look bold and classic, and they make you look like somebody who’s ready to take on whatever’s up next. They’re gaining more in popularity because they serve some practical purposes aside from looking cool. If any of your wardrobe includes slimmer cut or tapered pants, you probably don’t want your socks to become a statement piece of your outfit. Ultimately, there are only two scenarios where your socks should be visible: 1. You’re wearing shorts; or 2. You’re sitting down. Walking around, however, nobody needs to see your socks. Moreover, if you’re anywhere in the country that has cold winter months, your ankles are going to need some protection from the elements. Keep your ankles covered with boots or high top sneakers.

Wear Cool Socks

All of this focus on comfortable footwear isn’t to say that you don’t need to mind your socks, however. First and foremost, socks need to be in good condition, not ripped, and not hole-y. A lot of guys used to wear beat up white socks everywhere, but this isn’t the norm anymore. White is pretty much reserved for home and the gym. Black and gray are your go-to choices for workwear, casual wear, and sportswear.

For some reason, you may find that you project more confidence when you know that you have awesomely patterned socks secretly making your outfit cooler. Whoever you like to kick shoes off with will take note of a fun and unexpected sock pattern. Just like your sneakers, they need to be made of the right stuff, and they need to make you comfortable while also making you look good.

Project Authenticity

It’s definitely possible to over-flex with your footwear choices. There’s no doubt that it’s cool to be a sneaker head and to prize particular brands or unique designs, but you’re not expressing your individuality if you always need to wear the latest or the trendiest or the priciest. You might come off looking like you’re following the crowd rather than getting the gear that you really like.

When you’re wearing shoes that you don’t actually like just because somebody else might think they’re cool, it’s as though you’re practicing a form of non-self-expression. Your footwear needs to reflect the style that makes you who you are, and they need to flow with the rest of what you typically like to wear. If you’re low key and your sneakers are screaming at people, your style won’t seem authentic and your appearance will seem slightly off and forced instead of stylish and well put together and dressed for success.

Consider Why Materials Matter

Cheap materials simply don’t make for a good sneaker. People are paying a lot more attention to what their shoes are made of, and they’re also striving to make more environmentally sound choices about footwear.

The best materials in shoes are going to be non-synthetic, all natural or organic, and formed with an eye towards quality and resilience. Sometimes, having quality materials shoes means spending more but having shoes that are more durable and able to maintain their appearance after being subjected to wear and damage is definitely worth an additional cost. Your shoes will look better after lots of wear, and you’ll be replacing them less frequently than you’d be replacing low-grade materialled shoes.

Ultimately, society’s ideas about what’s cool and fashionable in men’s footwear are changing for the better. Make sure your shoes reflect this forward-thinking momentum and you’ll project good style while feeling comfortable and confident.

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