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5 Things You Do Every Day That Mean You’re Psychic

Mar 29, 2018
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A lot of people say they have this sixth sense – they can feel the danger coming or that someone can’t be trusted.

Some say it’s the gut feeling, others refer to it as intuition but we are always recommended to follow our heart, go with our gut and trust our intuition. Indeed, it would be pretty weird to advise somebody to trust their psychic powers but this is actually exactly what we are doing. Here you can learn about 5 most common things people with psychic powers do daily.

1. You think of a person and receive a call or a text from them right away

When you think of a person and hear from them soon, it means you have the ability of precognition – seeing or feeling events right before they happen. It occurs via clairvoyance – extrasensory perception. Have you noticed this happening to you pretty often? If so, you ought to definitely use this gift from the Universe in some way, it’s such a cool and useful power to have!

2. You always look at the clock at the same time

Signs are believed to be the means of communication that spirits use to say something to us. Such repeating numbers as 11:11 or 1:11 are very common signs. If you see signs like that, you most likely have the gift of communicating with spirits. Like any other skill you have, this gift can also be developed and strengthened.

According to numerology, each number has a unique divine meaning so if you keep noticing the same number everywhere, do some reading or think of what it may mean for you or for people you knew that have already passed away. You might have the power of channelling or communicating with spirits. If you keep seeing the same number again and again but have no idea what it means, try asking the spirit.

3. You can get a bad vibe from a person you don’t even know

If that happens to you occasionally and you can feel the energy of other people or spaces, you have the gift of clairsentience which is the most common and a very beneficial psychic power. Probably sometimes you can get chills from a location or walk into someone’s house and feel its miserable and heavy energy and later learn that something bad happened there. If you often say that you have a feeling about a person or a place, then you should really trust your gut.

4. You see random images when holding objects

This is actually how I discovered my power. As I was buying this popular L.O.L. Surprise! Doll for my kid, the moment the cashier passed the doll to me, I got an image of a little boy falling of a bicycle. Walking away, I heard the cashier telling someone about her son falling down during his bike ride last night. Only later I learned that it’s called psychometry – the skill to read objects. This psychic ability is actually one of the easiest to develop, you just have to pay attention as much as you can.

5. You see someone in your dream and then they tell you they wanted to talk

If you sometimes have a dream of a person you haven’t seen for awhile and then find out that they wanted to get in touch, you have the ability of telepathy– conveying messages with one’s mind. Telepathy usually starts developing from dreams when you are most relaxed and open to getting messages. You can develop this skill and use it in your daily life. It works especially well with your loved ones when they are in trouble or need your help.

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