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5 Signs That You Possess The Gift of Precognition

Sep 26, 2019
Demi Powell
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5 Signs That You Possess The Gift of Precognition

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Precognition refers to the knowledge or even the perception of the future, as gotten via extrasensory media. This psychic ability is arguably the most frequently occurring of all extrasensory perception experiences. 60 to 70 percent of precognition experiences occur in dreams. It can also occur in vivid waking visions, flashing thoughts in the mind, and a sense of knowledge. Trance, channeling, mediumship, and divination are known to induce precognition.

Most of the time, precognitive experiences occur within a 48 hour time frame, before the said future event occurs. In some cases, it occurs within 24 hours. In rare or extreme cases, precognition could occur months or years before the event takes place. Severe emotional shock is a major indicator that one is going through a precognition experience.

Below are 5 signs that show that one has the gift of precognition:

You experience precognitive dreams

You tend to have vivid dreams that you get to remember. Most times these dreams are weird and can be quite unsettling. It is important to take these dreams seriously as they tend to give you a glimpse into your life and the future. It is also a good thing if you can interpret your dreams and that of others.

Once you can interpret these dreams, then you are already developing your unique gift of precognition. It is now left for you to note down these dreams on a journal. Always keep the journal by your bedside and record your dreams every. Write what you remember every time you wake up. You don’t have to wait till morning to write them down, so that you don’t forget the crucial aspects of the dreams.

Also go on to do a bit of research using the information from the dreams. There could be a significant meaning to them.

You feel increased anxiety

If you feel a sudden increase in anxiety, due to an experience of visions before the occurrence of a major event, or you just happen to know when a loved one is in distress. Then you are probably keying into your precognitive abilities.

In situations like this, you need to calm down, and take slow deep breaths, and begin to explore the depths of your precognition. And if you are feeling that overwhelming sense of dread, then you should go on to tell those involved. Just don’t be dramatic about it. A simple “please be careful out there, today” will do just fine.

Your intuition suddenly intensifies

When you become increasingly intuitive, then this is a sign that you are in possession of the gift of precognition. You will notice that you have begun to become aware of the simpler things of life around, such as knowing when the phone is about to ring, and who is actually calling. You find yourself humming to a song a few seconds before it is even played over the radio.

You have déjà vu

If you are one who experiences déjà vu more often than not, then you are likely one with the gift of precognition. It usually comes when you least expect it. It’s been said that déjà vu is truly the future, because based on the feeling that you have seen an occurrence before, you can actually predict the future. However, déjà vu for most people is like a vivid awake dream that tells them to pay attention.

People feel better around you

If people feel better whenever they come around you, be it a family member or friend, then it is because you possess a naturally occurring level of awareness, along side the reputation of being honest and open-minded. It is also majorly because you are able to recognize and identify with the frequency and vibrations of these people, and then you act accordingly.

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