5 Basic Survival Living Principles You Can Teach Your Family
Nov 26, 2021

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There are many times in our lives when we will need to survive on our own without help from others. Maybe you're hiking through the wilderness and get hurt, or maybe society collapses, and nobody can trust anybody else anymore. You must teach your family how to live off the land so they can survive if necessary. We'll be discussing some of the basics here today to give you a starting point for teaching them about survival living principles!

The basics include:

These are the basic survival needs. If you can't get these down, you're going to have a tough time living off of this land! Let's break them down one by one:

-First thing's first, let's talk about how we'll be getting clean drinking water out here in nature by using a berkey water filter. You need a container that will hold water (anything from an empty gallon milk jug up to bigger plastic storage bins) along with some screen or cloth mesh, in absence of a berkey water filter, which will help filter out bugs and small debris from your new source of H20. In order words, make sure nothing else gets in there with it! You'll want to use the container and your mesh filter in a place where you know clean freshwater is flowing. A river or lake will be perfect for this.

-Second thing you'll need is a place to build your fire. You don't want it too close to the water, but you also don't want it so far away that getting there will be exhausting and time-consuming! Finding a good spot for this takes practice and trial and error, but look around where you're standing first. Do you see any dry, flammable material lying around? If not, keep looking. Also, look for anything else that might make your fire harder to start or less effective (like an overhang of rocks above your head).

-Finding shelter is vital. This can be made from all sorts of things, but a few critical materials will help it along nicely! Many people think about using leaves and other natural debris first when they're building shelters out in nature because it's easy to come by but then again, so are sticks! It would be best to build with whatever is most abundant where you happen to be standing at the time. For instance, if you find yourself near lots of pine trees, use some fallen branches as well as those pine needles to help insulate your shelter. If you find a nice big rock or fallen tree trunk, try building your fire in front of it so you can lean against it for warmth while sitting around the fire! It is important to note that building with natural materials like leaves and sticks is excellent if you happen upon them when they're dry enough but what happens if everything near where you are is soaking wet? For shelters built out of things like branches and rocks, make sure that there's no dew (or rain) on any part of them before using them. You don't want anything damp because this will cause problems when trying to light your fire later on!

Lastly, you'll need some containers for cooking and eating out of. A can or jar will work just fine, as long as it isn't full of holes! If you're at a river or lake with fish in it, try using the top half (the flat part) from one of these containers as your plate when you eat dinner tonight. Who knows? It might be tasty! If all else fails, Mother Nature provides everything necessary to survive on her own. You have to know how to look for what you need!

The best thing about using these survival living principles so early on is that they can serve as great life lessons later down the road too! Even if society never collapses, teach them how to do things themselves instead of always asking for help from others every time something comes up. This way, they'll grow into responsible adults who are capable of taking care of themselves properly when times get tough, whether that's out in nature or not. Teaching your family these very basic survival living principles will help them out if they ever find themselves in a pinch. You'll also be able to build upon what you've taught them and work on more complicated skills as time goes by!

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