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May 28, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
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Lightwork is not all about bliss and ascension, mediation, yoga, eating the right food, and better days. It is actually the polar opposite.

It is about having the courage to go into the darkness of the world, to vanquish the shadow and install a light so that others might have a safe passage.

Light only comes when we are brave enough to do the work of transmitting that darkness from within ourselves first. We need to understand and come to terms with darkness. It takes a lot of energy, pain, frustration and loneliness, because we have to do this part all on our own.

A bonafide Lightworker will go where very few others are willing to tread.

They will automatically put themselves in front of the firing squad, and look for the darkness that needs to be diffused. They will succeed by eradiactinng the shadow and erecting their light.

That is their sole purpose in this lifetime. They are not afraid of conflict, threats or even getting hurt.

We stand for what we know to be true and what we believe in. We are here to guide and encourage others, especially when there appears to be no way out.

When others have completely given up hope, we actuallly walk to the very back of the line and push them from behind.

We have been born with a certain set of skills that enable us to always see the Bigger Picture in every situation. It is extremly frustrating for us, because it takes others maybe even a lifetime before they see what we have always know to be true.

We are actually willingly go through hell and back again!! We willingly climb into the belly of the beast.

We are despised, scorned. We become of the object of mass destruction; as so many people will come into our lives to attempt to break us.

They will not succeed, not ever. They do not have that hold over us!!

I have personally learnt that no human has the power to destroy me. The only power they may have, for a very little while; is to take me out of my comfort zone at any given time. Nothing more!!!

I have added the Universal Laws to this Article for the sheer purpose of sharing the only Truths, that we as Indigo Warriors and Light Workers know to be true.

There is not one Law in here that talks about “The Law Of any Man Or Woman known as the EGO”.

Mother Earth is a breathtaking planet full of beauty and absolute abundance. The beauty of it, is that there is more than enough to meet every humans need.

Our purpose as the human race need to learn some discpline in our lives.

Our mantra should be that of “Give us today our daily bread”; we should only take what we need for today, as tomorrow may never come for a lot of us.

The most mindboggling thing to me, the one thing I fail to understand; and which causes me the most heartache, is knowing that when we die, we cannot even take a grain of sand with us. Our lifeless body remains here together with what we deem as our prize possessions. Somebody else will refer to our “stuff”as junk!

Why are we greedy? Why do we continually want more? Why is enough,never enough? Why are we envious?

Nothing on this planet belongs to us. It is all temporary measures… and this too shall be gone!

These are the only truths that I will continue to support and believe in with all my being. I would like to use this platform to raise awareness of where we should focus our energy:


  1. Law of Oneness – everything is connected.

  2. Law Of Vibration – Everythign has a unique vibrational frequency

  3. Law Of Attraction – What is like unto itself is drawn.

  4. Law Of Correspondence – As above, so below.

  5. Law of Action –Manifestaton requires aligned action.

  6. Law of Cause And Effect – Every action has a consequence

  7. Law of Compensation - We are rewarded for the right action

  8. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – Energy is always moving and always changing

  9. Law of relativity – Its all relative

10. Law of Polarity – There are two sides to everything

11. Law of Rhythm – Nothing is permanent

12. Law of Gender – Manifestation requires a balance of energies.

These are very trying times but not all is lost, in fact it is merely another chapter in our lives, to challenge us to push past this dark cloud. This too is only temporary and will not have the power to linger for much longer…


Blessings, Love and Light

Tania Padley
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