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Jun 11, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
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Further my article on day five:

The Law is not a belief; it is something we can verify with the results that we obtain. We observe our results in the following situations:

1. What happens to us when we do not get what we want? What is the result? Is it suffering, dissatisfaction or frustration? If it is, then we are not within the Law.

2. What happens to us when we do not value what we have? What is the result? That we will begin to lose it, because if what we have is of no value, then it must be that we do not need it, this will be the consequence of violating the Law.

Valuing everything we have is key to prosperity.

3. What can we do to live within the Law, i.e. to obey it? By verifying the results we stop going against the Law and we understand that all suffering is associated with breaking a law. Therefore, if we learn to feel satisfied with everything we do, we will begin to obey the Law.

There are two types of results: inner- of happiness, peace and love, and outer, relationships, health, resources and adaption to the environment.

When we do not obtain the results it is because we do not know how to and therefore we need to learn. What the Law says is that we cannot stop suffering unless we accept; but we cannot accept what we have not understood, and we cannot understand something unless we have an experience that shows us how the Laws of the Universe operate.

Innocence, unconsciousness or ignorance of the Law, do not exempt us from the result. Whether or not we know the Law, the results will be the same, and it is therefore better to know how it works in order to obtain satisfactory results.

To escape from our system of false beliefs and from the Ego, we need to follow this sequence:

1. Make a mistake and on making it recognise the existence of the Law.

2. Understand how the Law operates.

3. Decide to obey the Law.

Obeying the Law, or placing ourselves within it, consists of enjoying everything that we do, and accepting others as they are. If we try to impose some form of behaviour on someone it is because we do not accept them as they are and we want to change them.

This is a transgression of the Law of Evolution. The result will be conflict, disharmony, aggression; what is necessary is that we learn from this situation.

The Law is designed for us to change internally, not for us to try and change others.


There are Laws that govern and arrange everything that happens. They are Laws as obvious as that sowing a specific seed, will result in a specific tree and sowing another seed will result in a different tree.

Everything is Governed by Laws, nothing is by nothing is by chance!

The Seven Universal Laws that give rise to all other process of manifestation, creation, operation and c omprehension of the Universe, which we call Evolution, can be arranged according to the function that they fulfil, as follows:

1. The Law of Love

2. The Law of Manifestation

3. The Law of Polarity

4. The Law of Evolution

5. The Law of Correspondence

6. The Law of Harmony

7. The Law of Nature.

The three Superior Laws are the Laws of Creation. The Superior Law is the Law of Love, since behind every purpose and every event always lies the principle of Love.


First, the Law Of Love contains a pieceof information – for example, an idea in the mind -; and then this manifests through the Law of Polarity – for example, with a board marker, which would be the masculine principle, and a board, which would be a feminine principle -.

Everything that has a form is a creation.

There are two types of creations: Those of God/ the Absolute and those of human beings. The latter are also in the Absolute, because nobody can create something from nothing, everything already exists as information; man participates in the creative capacity of God/the Absolute. Creation happens when the masculine principle acts with the feminine principle; and this interaction is governed by the Law of Polarity.

The three elements: the masculine, the feminine and the information that joins them, are essential for creation to occur. Love can only be expressed through a pure or innocent mind, never through a mind that is contaminated with ideas of good and bad, blame, punishment or vengeance.

Therefore, the first thing we need to do for love to be expressed through us is to cleanse our mind of mistaken concepts.

Tania Padley
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