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May 20, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
Reading time 4 min.

Greetings Core Spirit Family

Our Message for this week is all about authority, power, ambition; and financial lessons (both good and bad – ability to create and lose wealth).

The world is gearing up for some major adjustments this year. We have been bombarded with negative news and press around us 24⁄7; and hardly ever hear about any success stories. The energy feels extremely toxic to me. There are way too many energy vampires that have been given a platform…but this too shall pass!

There is still goodness on this planet. A whole lot of greatness, actually. There are awesome souls who are fighting a spiritual warfare, every single day to break through this cloud that is being forced upon the human race.

There comes a time in our lives when we have to take ownership of our lives, because it is becoming difficult to trust our current “World Leaders” as well as the One per cent Of Billionaires that have “Bought The World”.

We need to have faith in the Creator Of All; change our hearts and minds then turn our focus towards the positive aspects on Planet Earth.

This will ensure that we raise our energy for the World’s highest and best.

The Astrological Calendar for this week:

This is going to be a very busy astrological week, as there is plenty of planetary movements, mostly though, they are positive. Let’s make the most of these energies available to us

Today, the Sun enters Gemini

This is all about new ideas. Communication comes into the spotlight as we focus on all types of exchange; whether it is relationships, neighbours, work colleagues. Let’s use this opportunity to share time with inspiring individuals so that we can exchange our energies and remain focussed and motivated.

New Moon In Gemini on the 22nd May

This is a positive time to start something new, and to keep abreast with the latest news.

Sun in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius on the 22nd May

We are encouraged by this positive aspect to focus on our long term goals.

Mercury Conjunct Venus in Gemini on the 22nd May

Also a promising aspect, so this week will definitely be great for negotiations.

Moon in Cancer Trines Mars in Pisces on the 25th May

This aspect is all about focusing on the family and the people that we most care about in our lives.


Overall Energy for the Reading: Four Of Swords (What we need to achieve this week).

We are being asked to lay down our weapons and take a break from all the fighting. We are human beings and we need time to rest our weary bones and minds. This is the time to gather our strength and recuperate.

Just remember that we must not allow ourselves to remain in this position for too long. This is not a pity party…just some much needed self-love.

Swords: Rules the mind. They are our internal principles (mind, thoughts, communication).

We need to let go of the Past by adhering to the advice of the Strength Card

This card is about exercising the desires of our will in a way where no one is harmed. This is about having a firm resolve where we go within and find that our baser instincts have been tamed. And with taming, we become stronger.

Often for true kindness to come forth, we must find it within ourselves to forgive. We are being asked to let go of any judgement of ourselves or others; and view those around us with forgiveness and tolerance

Where we are right now, The Present: Five of Cups

This is actually a very sad card as it is all about setbacks, disappointment and failed plans. This is about coping with loss.

Together with the above energies of the cards, we need to use our internal strength and work through our emotions. Let’s allow ourselves to go through the process, so that we can heal ourselves.

Let this be a time of “Transformation”; as we will come out of this being much wiser.

What to look forward to in the near Future: Eight of Cups

This card is about introspection and searching for a deeper purpose in our lives. Naturally we are all fed up with our current situation, but our reality is that we are still here, alive and we need to make the most of what we have to reach our final destination.

This card appears when we are ready to find ourselves; we are ready to turn our back on the things that have brought us down (people, heartache, disappointments, guilt).

We are so ready to leave the things that are bad for our growth and to make a conscientious decision to walk away and never look back again

The Cups in the Tarot define our emotions: love, mutual consciousness, psychic abilities and spiritual consciousness, relationships and internal forces.

The feeling of this week is going to be very emotional. So let’s allow ourselves to throw our toys out of the cot. To cry if we want to… then it’s time to get rid of what is no longer beneficial for our highest and best.

Wishing all endless blessings, love and light

Tania Padley
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