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Top 10 unusual Facts about Travelling around Australia

Mar 6, 2020
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Australia is a majestic continent that has unique landscapes and natural wonders packed with extraordinary experiences for travelers. It is undoubtedly a mysterious world, and what you have seen about Australia through the portrayal of media does not even cover half of the events that happen there.

Australia is undoubtedly famous for its vast spiders and lizards, which do shape like alligators. But there are some of the top unusual facts that the travellers can only discover about this place when they are travelling around it. And some of the travelers have even said that it is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places one can ever check off from their bucket list.

Top 10 unusual facts about Australia you need to know

1. Forest of the Magic- Daintree Rainforest

Australia is a land of fascinating places from all around the world. Daintree Forest, located in Australia, is one of the most attractive spots. There are outdoor activities which you can do in this place like zip-lining with the cable row and taking a view. It lies on the northeast coast of Queensland and part of the largest tropical rainforest situated in this continent.

2. Alcohol is the prime drink

When you are traveling around Australia, then you have to know that the unique culture of the people revolves around drinking. Drinking is a natural habit of the natives here. Though the majority of Australians prefer red wine, beer comes as the second favorite. An Average Australian can consume about 2 liters of beer per day, and the whole count resounds to around 73 million liters of beer every month. This place is filled with people who gulp down beer like it is a standard glass of water. From famous drinks like Paul Masson brandy to all kinds of wine, you can get everything at night bars.

3. Tasmania is the cleanest place in Australia

The island of Tasmania has the cleanest atmosphere in the whole world. This island is an ideal spot for outdoor campaigning and taking great shots while standing at the edge of the stone cliffs. It seems like a paradise, especially when the sunsets. Plus, there are fun activities that you can do around here like kayaking, mountain biking, exploring the deep caves of the islands. Make sure you equip your car with a kayak roof rack that can fit your extra luggage comfortably. On the fertile farmland of Tasmania, you can catch a glimpse of the Eastern Quoll, which is now considered extinct.

4. Mountain named Mt. Disappointment

There is a place in Australia which implies known as Mt. Disappointment, plus it surely lives up to its name. This place has no sightseeing or view at all. The roads covered with woods, stones, and trunks around the parks curvy makes this place worth a visit. It is located about an hour north of Melbourne. It first got its name when Hume and Hovell traveled around at this place in the hopes of seeing an ocean. But later to their disappointment, this place led to nothing and thus the name. Today, the area mainly restored for camping grounds and 4-wheel drive tracks.

5. The most extensive ecosystem in the world- The great barrier reef

One of the largest ecosystems in the whole world is called the Great Barrier Reef, which is the pride and one of the most attractive spots of Australia. There are around 25000 individual reefs located at this place, and they are stretched halfway down the eastern coast. This entry points to this reef remain situated on the Cairns, including Cape York or Bundaberg in that south. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the essential points situated in Australia, which can be reached by air, sea, rail, road, or even the bus.

6. The Australian Alps are more snow-covered than Switzerland

One of the most surprising facts about Australia is that the Australian Alps are more snow-capped than the Swiss Alps. Since Australia is one of the aridest places in the whole world and it receivers better sun and heat than any other site. And also, the Australian Alps are more significant than the Swiss Alps. The excellent diving range is one of the essential parts of the Australian Alps. The series of the mountain hills and the highlands are about 3000 kilometers located from northern Queensland.

7. Has some of the deadliest animals in the whole world

We all know that Australia is the place for the weirdest animals in the world as a whole. Starting from the great white shark to the common brown snake, the saltwater crocodile, and the box jellyfish, all of them are pretty dangerous. You should never approach them when you encounter them because they are pretty mean to outsiders. For instance, some of these animals have deadly venom, which can account for a lot of human fatalities. So the animals covered in this list are ten times more dangerous than the average alligator shaped lizard that you can commonly see in your bathroom.

8. The Great Victoria Desert is larger than the United States

The Great Victoria Desert, located in Australia, covers around 4, 24,400 km. It formulated the name as the third largest desert in the whole world. It is even more significant than the whole of the United States. It covers about 700 km to the Western part of Australia. The famous traveler named Ernest Giles in the year of 1875 first crossed it. It was named after Queen Victoria. Plus, the climate at this place often changes times, so who knows what you might get caught in a sandstorm during your expedition?

9. Trans Australian- Largest Straightest Railway Track

The Trans Australian railway track is the line that crosses the Nullarbor Plain from the Kalgoorlie to the Port of Augusta. So Australia has spectacular rail journeys that you can ever experience in your lifetime. The construction began in the earlier 1912 when there were two teams set out from Kalgoorlie and Augusta. The line implied repeatedly rebuilt in the year 1969 as a part of the project by the rail gauge of this place.

10. The majestic red rock of Australia- Uluru

Uluru is one of the most famous dry ground rock located in the middle of Australia is a sight that leaves the visitors in complete awe. The common name of this rock is Ayers Rock, which formulated after Sir Henry Ayers. It is a sacred geological history that has a rich past.

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