Jun 18, 2020

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Further my article on day Twelve…THE LAWS AND THEIR DEFINITIONS


• Love is the source of everything that transpires and understanding it frees us from all events. In order to confer on His / Her children, all the information that exists in the Absolute, the Father creates the Universe, which will be His / Her children’s school.

• Everything which occurs in the Universe occurs because of Love.

• Living in peace and joy is to live in Love.

Respecting the experiences of others and being ready to serve them not subject to any conditions is to express Love in human relations.


• Nothing is created, nothing disappears; all is manifest or unmanifest.

• At source, all is unmanifest at a neutral point called Absolute (40th dimension).

We recognise it in the thinking of “inventors” and in everything that can be created or done.


• Creation, movement and understanding occur between opposites.

Polarity is engraved within us in our genetic memory (sexual identity), that of instinct (sexual behaviour), that of destiny (the need to learn), and in our memory – the consciousness, as the need to teach.


• No one can evolve without transforming themselves.

• Evolving consists of taking advantage of difficulties and learning from them.

• Evolution: ”the bad” character (unfeeling); “the good” character (sensitive), and “the wise” character (desensitised).

• Equivalent to the internal process of moving from innocence to ignorance to wisdom.

It operates by bringing opposites together.


• A place for everything and everything in its place.

• It determines the arrangement of time, place, location, action and function for all living beings.

• It is recognised in everything that can be done.

• Nothing happens to anyone that is not meant to happen to them.

• Within the Law, the learning – teaching relationship is fulfilled.

• What we need as opposed to what we want.

• By changing the correspondence (falls beliefs for truths of understanding), we change destiny.

It involves giving up fighting against anything or anyone.


• Everything that is maintained tends towards equilibrium.

• It is the Law of Synchronisation, which permits the perfect coordinated functioning of everything that exists and happens.

• It is recognised in day and night, the seasons, tolerance, socialisation, and in all event that tend towards equilibrium.

• It operates by regulating the times of action and recovery.

The key technique for harmony is respect, which is expressed by accepting and supplementary personal experiences with those of others.


• Everything that is born dies.

• A horizontal Law: Its action unfolds on the dense plane of matter.

We act within the Law when we follow our instinct in its three functions: to generate life (mating), maintain it (feeding ourselves) and defend it (survival).

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