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Jun 25, 2020

Further to my article on day nineteen… 4. THE LAW OF THREE (PERSEVERNCE VS. STUBBORNESS):

The Law of Three allows reasonable perseverance with regard to life’s options and our personal expectations. However, on many occasions what we have is not PERSERVERANCE, but STUBBORNESS in the face of certain circumstances in which the Law of Warning is telling us “no”.

When we have a doubt about a given situation, the wisest course of action is to MAKE AT LEAST THREE ATTEMPTS, to ensure that it is not a lack of perseverance; and, of course, each time to observe the result obtained. If some progress can be seen, however small, the purpose has chances of success; but if, on the contrary, stagnation or backward movement is observed, it is better to desist from the purpose to avoid falling into stubbornness or disobedience of the Law.

However, if we are still not sure of the answer we can try UP TO A MAXIMUM OF SEVEN TIMES, because stubbornness will only lead us to achieve what we want, but not what we need for our development.

The Law of Three is the Law which streamlines the use of vital energy. At times we can achieve what we want but at a very high cost, or wasting energy uselessly, because such situations contribute little to our learning .

A typical example of wasting vital energy is trying to change someone else, because that is impossible.

There are not good or bad businesses, jobs or places, just those that are right for some people and others that are not. Learning to distinguish these situations can save us a great deal of energy and suffering in life, because where one person fails, another is successful; what is an excellent business for one person can be the worst for another.

The best way of knowing what is right for us is to use the Law of Three, for life has a specific function for each person.


• The appropriate amount of energy is expended.

• Energy is consumed and there are results.

• There is effort.

• We live in the order of the Universe.

• Headway is made, albeit slowly.


• More energy is expended than is produced.

• Energy is expended but there are no results.

• There is struggle (there is a lack of understanding).

• Pride (we must do whatever it takes). Ego (we must have it our way).

• No headway is made or things begin to slip back. The situation stagnates, it does not flow, but we insist.

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